Just a Number!?

Age is just a number....... Right? A 14 year old Maddie Miles has always been known for being the youngest in the group and she hates it. But she can't help but hang out with the older crowd. One day she has her head in the clouds thinking about her one and only addiction ONE DIRECTION, when she bumps into the Phenomenal Gorgeous, yet older.................... Who is it? What happens?


4. Best Day Ever!!

Cassidy's POV:


"What?" Maddie said.


She had no idea. I was right there, but I decide to stay quite.


" WHAT!? I can't wait just tell me!" Maddie couldn't be anymore excited.


"Turn around" I whispered and then hung up the phone. It may have been a bit creepy, but it was worth seeing her face. It was priceless.


Maddie's POV:


        I was so confused. She just told me to turn around I a creepy whisper and then hung up with phone. I turned around and there she was. "CASSIDY!!" I couldn't believe it a girl who lived half a country away from me was standing right there in front of me. "Are you surprised?" she asked with a cheeky smile. "Yeah! What are you doing here?" I ask still a bit confused. "Well as you know I turn 15 soon and my mom asked me what I want to do for my 15th birthday." She said "So I told her that I want to come here! She ask why, because its like half a country away. I told her I have a friend here that I want to visit." She continued. "Oh wow." was all I could say. I was so flattered that she would choose to spend her birthday wish on visiting me. "Yeah, plus my favorite show Xfactor is having One Direction  perform. So my mom got us tickets to see it" She said "Wait did you Just say US!?!" I said in disbelief "Yeah, I can't see it by myself." she said "Wow,  I don't know what to say" I said still amazed " I believe you did just say something, haha" She said as a joke "Haha, THANK YOU!!" I said with the biggest smile ever "No problem, oh and I already talked to your mom and she said that you can stay with me in my hotel." she said with the biggest smile on her face as well. "Wait! you got my mom to say yes to all of this!?" I said in disbelief "Haha, yes! said that she was happy that you had friends your own age." she said laughing. "Alright now that you know we should go to your house and get you packed" She said with a smile and I nodded in agreement. Then we headed to my house.


*********Skip Packing**********


     The whole time I was packing we talked about school, boys, and One Direction. We arrived at the hotel and I didn't know that it was the best hotel in town. I put my stuff down in our suit and headed down to the lobby. She was waiting for me on a couch. She was on her phone; no doubt she was on twitter trying to find out where One Direction was. It was kind of weird all they have put on twitter is that it was a beautiful day. No one knows where they are or what hotel they are staying in. I walked up to Cassidy. "Did you find anything!?" I asked "No, not yet anyways" She said with a smirk she always had a way of finding things out that no one else knew. She got up and we started walking out. We were looking at her phone. Lets just say we weren't paying any attention when we both walked into two guys.


        "Oh sorry I didn't see you there" Cassidy said not looking up. I was just frozen. "Come on Maddie we have to go" She said while looking up and then she froze too. We couldn't believe it. Liam Payne and Niall Horan were standing right in front of us.


"Its alright love" Liam said with a thick British accent. I almost melted right then and there.


Liam's POV:


       Wow she was just so beautiful. She had the most beautiful brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes you could just get lost in. I couldn't help but stare. I also couldn't help but notice that Niall was staring at her friend.


"What's your names?" I ask know that both Niall and I wanted to know.


           "I'm Maddie" She said with a voice like an angle. It was such beautiful name for beautiful girl. "and I'm Cassidy" I saw Niall's eye light up. I knew that he likes her, but its fine cause I like Maddie. "Are you guys staying here?" I asked breaking the silence. " Yes we are, we are here to see you guys perform on the Xfactor" Cassidy said. "Awesome" was all that Niall could say as they giggled.


Niall's POV:


      Awesome was that I could say I must of sounded like an idiot, but she was just so stunning I couldn't speak. Cassidy a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I could tell that Liam liked Maddie. It was actually kind of cute. He looked at her like there was no one else in the world.


Maddie's POV:


        Niall was total checking Cassidy out. Liam was checking me out. "So..." I said trying to break the silence, but horribly failing. "So, would you guys like to go out and get coffee?" Liam asked. Of course we said yes.


        We went to my uncle's coffee shop and we just sat there talking for hours. We talk about them, us, the fandom, ect. They also hit on us and checked us out. We eventually had to go back to the hotel. We exchange phone numbers and Liam gave me a kiss on the cheek and Niall gave Cassidy a kiss on the cheek. Then they went to their suit and we went ours. "I can defiantly say that this is the best day ever." I said with a huge smile. "Agreed" Cassidy said , and then we went to bed.


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