Never be the same again

Niall is straight, straight as he'll ever be, but will harry put up with the pain of knowing niall will never love him.


1. When are you coming home?

Chapter 1: When are you coming home?


Niall's P.O.V

I was at my apartment, all alone and i thought to myself, where is everyone? Harry has gone out with his friends, I cant remember the last time I spoke to Harry, we rarely ever speak, even though we live together, it's very strange. Let me tell you a little about Harry, he has curly black-brown hair and is always full of excitement and loves going out to partys or is always typing on his phone to his friends, he doesn't really give much thought to anyone around him, well at least that's what i have had from him for the past couple of months. It almost seems like he's shy. I've always thought that Harry has had this little crush on me, Harry is gay you see, I'm not... I'm completely straight but I'll be Harry's friend no matter what but if he makes a move on me I'm kicking him out! Harry has gone to house party, he's always out so I get really lonely sometimes, I miss the old Harry. Did you know me and him when we were little we used to be so close that we almost ended up kissing at one time! I try to never think back on it but we were only 7 and didn't know any better!


12 years ago...

"Harry stop it!" Niall screamed just before he could get the chance to stop Harry, he had already done it, he has put pins on the teachers seat. The teacher came in the classroom and before you know it the teacher yelps with exaggeration, the look on Harry's face almost made Niall burst into tears, the whole class was laughing, harry was pretty much the class clown.

"Harry! Niall! straight to the principles office NOW!" Niall walked out the classroom with beads of sweat literally running down his forehead because he was so scared of the principle. Harry's expressions went from laughing to sad in one second. Niall hugged harry, both of them now smiling. Harry felt the need to rub his hand against Niall's face and told him it was ok.

They both got sent to the office another time that day because Harry had thrown a glue stick at a girls head, even then he didn't like girls! "Do you really think i have time for this Harry?!" explained the principle. Harry nodded his head in shame and didn't reply. The teacher suddenly looked at Niall and asked the teacher why he was here. The teacher explained that everything harry does its because Niall tells him too... bullshit.

Niall waits outside the office and all he can do is think about Harry and the amount of trouble he is going to get in. When harry finally comes out Harry takes Niall's hand and drags him into a toilet stall, they both sit on the floor and harry starts crying on Niall's shoulder. Niall pushed harry off and asks him what was wrong. Harry explained that he does all of this because his parents beat him up. Niall didn't know what to do do, he felt for Harry he really did and decided to hug him, he felt tingly in his stomach because he liked this, he liked being this close to Harry. Before they know it they were staring into each others eyes, harry went for a kiss so Niall stopped, he punched harry in the stomach and said "I'm not bloody gay, what did you do that for you faggot?!" Niall didn't know what he wanted at that moment, his emotions were all out of tact so he made his decision that he liked girls. After that day they didn't really talk much to each other and that's how they were best friends but Niall realized he was straight.

Harry ran straight out and ran into another stall and started crying so much that his mum had to take him home


Harry's P.O.V

"Shit, I've left my keys at home, I wonder if Niall is still awake" I said to my friend Justin, "You should go home because he always gets tired of staying up late for you because you forget your keys" I thought about all the things Niall has done for me in the past so I decided that I should go back now and get my keys.

"Niall?, you here mate?" 

"Yes, I bloody am, why did you leave your keys here again?! I had to stay up all night for you to come home, where have you been it's like 2 in the morning and you didn't even bother to get keys and then go back out!"

I saw Niall even madder than that one time when i spilled beer all over his lap by accident. I didn't even talk until he shouted at me. I decided that i should hug him. I walked over to Niall and wrapped my arms around him, he pushed me away and told me that i should go up to bed because i was too drunk. 

I couldn't sleep all night, i really like Niall, i almost love him but he always pushes me away, i wiped a tear from my eye, i assured myself that he could never love me anyway because he is straight, and i would have to deal with this for the rest of my life. 


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