Adopted by 1D

Kira is 14, she has been in adoption center since she was 2.Her birth dad is in jail because he killed her mom and abused her.One day 9-14 girl get called down and her favorite band is there.Will she be the one to be adopted


5. new home

Louis P.O.V:

after shopping we went home after unpacking kira stuff we went to panda express kira said she loved this but she stop coming because it gave her memories of her mom.after eating we went home and watched movies and ended up falling asleep on each other.The next morning we all got up and ate breakfast and headed for uncle si`s office.we got on the lift and went to his room so he could meet kira.

"nice to see you guys again"simon said(haha simon says)

"you to we would like you to meet someone"liam said

kira came from behind me 

"and who`s this may i ask"simon said

"this our daughter kira the one we adopted the one we told you about the one"

"get to the point harry"simon said

we all laughed but after that he introduced himself and we left.

Kira`s P.O.V:

after leaving simon`s office we decided to go lazer tagging but we went home to change first.

i changed into some black ripped jeans and a blue aeropostal shirt and put my hair in a messy bun.after a few minutes we when to stars and strikes and played lazer tag i was on my own time which was blue and the lads were all on red i hit ever last one of them and i never got so i won out of like 100 people.we played a second round i won again and liam got mad because he always wins in lazer tag as i`ve heard im the undefeated champ now (not to brag though).after we ate at nandos Naill`s choice obviously.after eating we went home and it was 7:30 now i got in my pj`s and told the guys that i was going to school tomorrow so i decided to go to sleep early.


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