Adopted by 1D

Kira is 14, she has been in adoption center since she was 2.Her birth dad is in jail because he killed her mom and abused her.One day 9-14 girl get called down and her favorite band is there.Will she be the one to be adopted



SO todays the day i meet Harry`s girlfriend Elena.i woke up at 12 and she was coming at 2 so i got out of bed and went to take a quick shower and to wash my hair for today.after like 7 minutes i got out and put black high waist shorts on then a gray(loose lips,sink ships)t-shirt on.when i was done i went to do my hair and make-up on. i choose to straighten my hair and put on eyeliner and mascara only.i was finish and it was 1:30 so i had 30 minutes left so i decided to find some shoes to put on.after 5 minutes of looking i decided on my new adidas. when i was done i went downstairs and seen this beautiful woman standing there in the middle of the room. i was guessing that was Elena.after 30 minutes of talking with Elena she seemed like a pretty cool person. it was time for her and Harry`s date so she left. i got bored so i asked my dad can i go meet the neighbors because i never got to meet them since i`ve been here.i walked across the yard and knock on the front door.the door opened and there wascole standing there with no shirt.he smirked and asked if i wanted to come in. he knew my answer that is why i walked away.after i got home i seen perrie but no zayn. she looked like she was drunk so i went to my room.on my way to my room perrie grabbed me by my hair and kept punching me in my face.after i started fighting back zayn came in and broke up the fight.we all went down stairs and me and perrie were seperated .zayn ask who started the fight and i pointed at perrie and perrie pointed at me."you betta get that lying ass bitch before i ooo,your so lucky'' "hey watch that languge" "why do i have to if you use it all the time"after saying that i ran into my room and cried the whole night.

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