Adopted by 1D

Kira is 14, she has been in adoption center since she was 2.Her birth dad is in jail because he killed her mom and abused her.One day 9-14 girl get called down and her favorite band is there.Will she be the one to be adopted


13. being raped

*this scene may be intense if you can not take it stop reading here and go to another story.please be warned that this scene is harsh sexuall and disruptive to younger kids*


"no stop"i yelled

"shut up you stupid bitch"


"stopped zayn now remember im only 14 years old"

"so i dont care you do what i say and i said suck now suck"

"do i have to"

"yes you do"after that he shoved it in my mouth

"ok now im done with that hole"

"turn around now"he yelled at me

"no" i said quietly

"what was that"he yelled

"nothing"and i turned around

he pulled down my pants and started eating me out

"why why today"

"what"he mumbled on my clit

"nothing"i said

"turn now"he said

i turned to see him there at my entrance

"why me"i asked

"why you what"

"why did you decide to take my virginity"

"because the first day i saw you i wanted to do this"

"but my age"

"age aint nothing but a number"

"but im to young im 6 years younger than you"

he didn`t reply he just entered me.i screamed in pain it hurted so bad i wanted cry.after 30 minutes it turned into pleasure i tried to hold back every moan in me but failed 1 hour passed and i was late for school now and he finally stopped.he got back dressed and drove to my school

"get out we`ll finish this when u get home"

"no were not finishing anything"

"what was that"he said while grabbing my arm


"tell me what u said now"he yelled

"no were not finishing anything when i get home"

"u wanna bet"

"nah im good"



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