Adopted by 1D

Kira is 14, she has been in adoption center since she was 2.Her birth dad is in jail because he killed her mom and abused her.One day 9-14 girl get called down and her favorite band is there.Will she be the one to be adopted


14. being late

i walked in school like nothing was wrong i went to my locker and went to 1st block.tracie ask me why i was late and i told her i would tell her at lunch.2nd and 4th period rolled by and it was time for lunch.

*lunch time*

"so why were you late kira"

"promise me you wont tell anyone"


"ok so i got into a fight with my dads girlfriend so this morning uncle lou took me to him to say sorry but i didnt so on the way to school he stopped at this abadoned building and he told me he was thinking about me"

"so basically it was your dads fault u were late"kelly asked

"if you shut up and let me finish you would know so he was trying to hit on me but i said no and he forced me to have sex with him"

"so he raped u"gaby asked

"yes and he`s gonna do it again when i get home"

"no he`s not if we go home with you"jenn said

"ok so after school were walkin to kira`s house meet me in the front"kelly said

"ok"everyone said

"cool so u guys would protect me"i ask

"yeah"they all said

the bell rung and we all went to class

6th went by and we all met at the front of the school

we walked to my house and went to my room. zayn came in and seen i had them over and told me to come i went he pulled me into his room and closed the door and locked it

"why are they here"

"man why are you yelling at me because i brought friends home"

"because i told you we had unfinished business to handle"

"so i told your not about to rape me again"

"o really that`s what you think"

"yep and i know it"

"nah no you don`t"

"okay"then i left the room with him standing there lonely

i went to my room and the girl were doing homework so i started on mine.after about 3 hours of doing homework the girls had to go home and i let them out and lock the door behind me i went to my room to take a shower but instead when i walked in i seen zayn in my bed naked jacking off waiting for me to come in i guess 

"umm.......what are you doing"

he jumped and stood up

"holy shit you have to stop doing that"
"doing what that`s my first time doing that"

"ahhh boo hoo just shut the fuck up,take your clothes off,and lay down"

"no im not doing shit in front of you"

"what the fuck did you just say"he yelled

"nothing how about you get the fuck out my face and room"i yelled back

"who do you think your talking to and tell me what the fuck you said"he yelled and grabbed my waist and held me tight

i kinda liked it but i forgot i was about to be raped again

"i didn`t say anything and can i take a shower"

"okay im not about to argue with you and yeah if i can watch"he said seductively

"you don`t have to and no you perv"i said and pushed him away 

"who the hell are you calling a prev and i can because i am your father"he came back up to me gripping me the same way

"well ok because your just going to be sitting on the toilet though" i said

"ok but what if i can get in with you and have sex it won`t hurt i swear"he asked calmly

"ummmmmmmmm.....ummmmmmmmm.......i guess so if you say it doesn`t hurt"i said scared because i knew it might hurt and if i said no he would do it any way.

"ok come on"he said seductively

he pulled me in the bathroom striped me down til i was naked and i was afraid to see what was going to happen next.after he striped me he turn the water and asked me what was the greatest temp. for me and it got to that temp. and i got in he got in and pick me up he slide the condom on and put his big (and i mean big like at least 17")cock at my entrance and before he could push in louis bust in the door.louis pulled me away, got a towel, put me in the guest, and went back into my room. All you could hear was slamming, crashing, and fist hitting the wall. zayn came in first fully dressed and louis came in afterwards and whispered something.Zayn came to me and kneeled down and whispered an apology and told me we will continue that after he leaves. that night i had to sleep in the guest room with louis watching (it was so creepy i tell you).




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