Let Me Be Your Salvation

Tess was just a normal girl, excited to meet her favorite band. She was depressed. No one would ever love her. Or so she thought. That all changed once she met the band, One Direction.


1. The News

I hated this. I hated men. I hated life. I just wanted a way out. What was one more cut on my wrist, right? Mom would be home soon. I had to clean. I sighed and got up off the bathroom floor, tossing the bloody rag in the bathtub. I covered my wrists with my sleeves and walked downstairs. I began loading the dishes into the dishwasher, wincing at my wrists. I had cut so much. It hurt. A few hours later, my mom walked in. "Tessie!" She called. "Dear, I have great news!" I sigh and trudged over to her. "You know that band you're obsessed with?" "You mean One Direction?" She nodded. "Oh, yes. Them. Well, guess who got you tickets and backstage passes!" She held the tickets in front of me, smiling. I nearly screamed and ripped thim out of her hand. "Oh my gosh, Mom! This is amazing!" I hugged her tightly. "You're the best!" She chuckled. "It's tomorrow night, you know. Do you have something appropriate to wear?" "Yeah. I do." I nodded happily. "Oh my God, this is so amazing. Thank you so much, Mom." I hugged her again. "I have to call Ledine!" I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed my phone. I dialed the number and waited for her to answer. "Hello?" I heard her voice on the other line. "Oh. My. God. Ledine. Guess who just got three tickets and backstage passes to tomorrow night's 1D concert!" "You didn't. You did?! Oh my God!" "That's right, girl! Get your sexy face on, we're meeting our heroes!" She screamed. I smiled and laughed. "I cannot believe you got tickets! Now we just have to get them to fall in love with us so we can get married and have they're babies!"
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