Everything Has Changed- One Direction Fanfiction

There is two popular groups at North Winter High School. They've competed with each other in everything and they've never liked each other, due to the fact that they're all different. New girl Acacia happens to get one of the boys in her rivalry group to like her. How will that work out? And will it work?


1. First Day- Part 1

       " Being new sucks. I think everyone has experienced being new at least once in their life. And i'm not talking about just school. Maybe you were new to a group of friends. Either way it's very awkward to begin with, but it gets better. Hopefully. My name is Acacia Jenner, i'm 17 years old and i'm about to start my first day in my new school. Hopefully everything goes right, I have one more year to go (not including this year). But if it goes wrong...I still have another year to go.
        Usually, you'd try to impress people on your first day. Like wear...something..flashy-ish? I don't know, but i'm not going to do that today. I've decided to just wear a pullover and overalls. Along with oxfords that I received from my mom a few years ago. Although, I know for sure that i'm going to get criticized for it. But who cares. My mom once told me, "If you like it, wear it. Who cares what people think.". Well, I do care what people think, but I also like wearing overalls. Oh my god, my dad is yelling at me! Um, bue I got to go. See you later. What i don't see you! I mean talk to you later,, oh my dod! bye.dsjbfskjdfksbdfsbdfjskdbfkjsdbfkjsdb any adive?! "

        I quickly posted the long paragraphs on my Tumblr and left the room while trying to grab my backpack from my chair. "Dad!! My backpack is stuck again!!!" I'm so getting in trouble. My dad hates being late, and he hates it when people are late. "Dear lord Acacia! Why didn't you just come down when I told you to? We could have been at school already!" It took my dad two minutes to get my backpack strap to get off my chair, and he ended up ripping my backpack, but like he said, it's my fault.


        "Good luck darling." I nodded and got out of the car. Luckily, I wasn't late. Oh my god, my new school is really big! I could see the cliques. I'm going to end up being in the loser clique again! 

        "Hey, are you new?" A tall girl with brown hair walked up to me, she was very..pretty. "I might.." She giggled and replied, "Well, I might be willing to show you around. I'm Sophia. And you are..." "Acacia. Acacia Jenner" "I like your outfit, it's very unique." She smiled and began showing me around. 

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