Unconditional Love

V-G-075. Well that was my government given name. But I choose a name for my self. This time its Alex, last few times it was Abby, Becca. Yeah. Well I like the name Alex, for now anyway. It's hard to say how long I've been alive but I've been with the academy for about 126. So the year is 2139. Today's date is July 5th. Its Saturday. That means we get the day off. Did I mention there is a huge war going on, oh and I'm immortal and have super powers. I don't think I can handle being a superhero.


7. party prep


Adam's POV. 

We're just finishing up breakfast when I get the news. Sarah speaks up.

"Oh I almost forgot. We have a party to go to tonight." 

"What for?"

"When we get a new numen around here, we gather all the sectors and throw a party."  

"I don't want a party." 

"Too bad."  Jake starts to clear the plates out of the way. 

"But I don't have a suit."

"We have Alice."

"She doesn't know my size."

"Yes she does. You where entered into her system this morning. No way you are getting out of this."

"I guess not." I strongly dislike parties.




I wait in the lounge talking to Ember. She has a Light blue, short, puffy dress. Sam, Sarah and Cody are all watching t.v. My this is my chance to get some info on Alex. 

"What the story with Alex?" Her expression changes immediately. She looks scared. 

"She doesn't like to talk about it."

"Did Jake hurt her? Is that why she refuses to use her powers?" She begins to nervously twist one of her fire red curls. 

"No. Jake has never hurt Alex." Emily walks up to us in a floor length green and black dress.  

"Whats up?"

"Adam asked about Alex." Damn it Ember. Emily's expression changes quickly too, but she's not scared. 

"Don't ask whats wrong with her."


"Because she'll lose it. She's a very damaged soul. She doesn't open up about her past. I only found out because it's what I do."

"Whats wrong with her?" Ember chimes in. 

"I'll tell you some other time. Ok?" 

"Ok." Jake and Alex walk arm and arm into the lounge. Alex is in a knee length red and black lace dress. The lace intertwines with each other to make a beautiful pattern. Her black hair now in lose curls accenting her face. Black heels, black and silver studded bracelet, and three dog tags on a chain. She looks absolutely stunning. Everything matches except the dog tags. 


"Yeah." We all head down the hall to the party. We all keep our distance from Jake and Alex because they seem to be in another fight. This time they are whispering instead of shouting. 

"Why are you wearing those stupid dog tags?"

"Because I can. What does it matter?"

"It's embarrassing." Her wearing dogs tags offends him that much? Wow.

"I don't care." Jake rips the tags off her neck and throws them down a hallway and continues walking without even letting go of her arm. 

"That's it. You better stop your little bitch fits or soon enough you'll become one of those dog tags." She yanks her arm away from Jake. The sound of the party nears us. They better get their act together soon.

"I'm sorry. I just get pissed when you pull little stunts like this." He grabs her hand in an attempt to hold it but she yanks away. 

"Yeah well I get pissed when you overreact and cause a scene." We reach the door to the party. Everyone cheers and claps. Alex disappears from sight. Great.   



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