The Bakery Girl


1. The Bakery Boy

-4 Years Ago- Amelia's POV-

"Amelia! There is someone I want you to meet!!" Barbra shouted from across the bakery. "Cominggg!" I shouted back. I walked to the front of the bakery and saw a curly haired boy looking right at me. "This is Harry, he will be working here with you" Barbra said. I looked him up and down and shook his hand. "I'm Amelia." I said. He gave a cheeky smile. I smiled back then let go of his hand. "Please, show him around." Barbra said. I raised an eyebrow. I started walking towards the back. Harry stood there. "Well, C'mon." I said. He quickly started walking behind me. I showed him around quickly. It was a small bakery. "So, mabye we should get to know each other, we will be with each other everyday." He said. "What do ya mean?" I ask. "We could go out on a date mabye...?" He said. My eyes widened a bit. "Um, Uh, sure?" I said. "Wait how old are you?" I ask. "15." He said. "Me too.." I replied. I gave him my phone number and he gave me his. 


-1 year later-

"Harry! I saw you kissing her!" I shouted. I was going to Starbucks and I looked inside and saw him snogging my best friend. "I-I-I" Harry started then I cut him off, "You what?". "I'm going on the X-Factor next week anyways so we were already going to break up!" Harry said. "Well that does not mean you snog my best friend! Get out of my house, Harry, were over." I said pointing at the door. Tears stream down my face. "F-fine." He said walking out. 


-2 years later (Present Day- 2013)-

I walked down the street of Chesire. Sometimes it just calmed me down to take a nice, quiet walk. I felt a tap on my shoulder and a voice say, "Amelia?". I knew who it was and freaked out. "Uh, um, who are you?" I ask, acting. "Harry?" He said. "Does not ring a bell, sorry..." I said before walking off. "Amelia I know it's you." He said. "No it's not, I'm April.." I said and continued walking. I could tell he gave up. I walked to the bakery I have worked at for 4 years. I started making bagels in the kitchen. 

*30 minutes later*

"Anyone here?" A thick Irish accent said from the front. "I will be right with you!" I shouted from the kitchen. I walked out and saw a blonde boy looking at the pastries. "May I help you?" I ask. His ocean blue eyes met my bright green eyes. I raised an eyebrow.  "Um, I will take one strawberry scone." He said. I gave him one and smiled brightly at him. "What is your name?" He asked. "Amelia. And yours?" I said. "Niall." He said. "Want to go out for some coffee?" He asked. "Um, sure.." I said, my shift was almost over anyways. I closed up the shop and walked out with Niall. "So, do you live here?" I ask. "No I live back in Ireland, one of my friends is here to visit his family." He said. "What is his name, I may know him." I said. "Harry." He said. "Oh...." I said looking down. "What is it?" He asked. "Um, Harry is my ex boyfriend." I said.



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