Falling for You

Arabella and her mom are staying in England for the summer to interview One Direction for her mom's magazine. Ever since, Arabella's life has changed.


1. Settling In

Arabella's P.O.V

I woke up early Sunday morning dreading the long flight to England. My mom's job at CheetahBeat Magazine is forcing us to pack up our things and spend the summer in Holmes Chapel, England. She interviews celebrities for a living. I usually know who she is interviewing before we get there, but this time, she refuses to tell me. I reluctantly force myself out of bed to get ready. Since the flight will be around 10 hours long, I decided to wear some cute, but comfy pink sweats with a matching hoodie. I decided to leave my hair down falling in light brown waves barely across my shoulders. I don't wear makeup. Ever. I throw on my converse, grab my bags, and head downstairs where my mother is waiting for me. 

"Took you long enough." she joked. I rolled my eyes. She gives me a sympathetic look. "I know you don't want to go, but I think you'll have some fun in England." 

"What about my friends? What about Blake? Cheer camp? I'm captain. Who's going to take care of the squad while I'm gone?" I practically whine. A car honks outside. The taxi. 

"Time to go!" my mother says with a little too much excitement. Ugh. 

The taxi ride was quiet. The airport was somewhat empty and we got there just in time to board the plane. I spent most of the flight listening to One Direction's new album. I did not want to hear my mother's sympathetic speech about how she had no choice. It doesn't change the fact that I can't spend the summer with Blake, Alice, or any of my other friends. 

The flight passed quickly since I slept the majority of the time. We arrived at our flat we had rented out for the next two months. Within 10 minutes of unpacking my mom's business phone started ringing. She walked off into the next room and I continued to put my clothes in my closet. 

"I have to go into the office downtown. There's an urgent meeting with the clients and the board. I'll be back in a few hours. Text me if you go anywhere. I love you!"

With that, she was gone and I was alone. I decided to kill some time and facetime my boyfriend, Blake. He picked up after two rings. His black spiky hair was a mess and there were grunting noises coming from the background. I saw two boys fly across the couch.

"What on earth is going on there?" I asked. Then, I saw Blake's friends Bo and Joey run up and shout "BELLA!" 

"Guys, go away! Can't you see I'm talking here?" Blake shouts back. The boys go back to wrestling. "I have no idea how they got in here. They just came through the door like they live here." He said with a sigh. "Anyways, how's England? Better than old Nashville, Tennessee?" I glared at him. 

"I want to go home."

"But babe, you just got there. Have some fun! You'll be back soon enough." he said with a smile. More crashing noises happened behind him. "Guys! Quit or you'll break my mom's coffee table!" He got up and I was watching his ceiling fan while listening to the crashing noises. He came back breathless, but the noises had stopped.  "I gotta go before anymore things get broken. I'll talk to you later! I love you!" With that, he was gone. I was alone again. After a few  minutes of walking around and getting to know the flat, I decided to do a little exploring. But first, I had to take a shower and have a change of clothing. 

I decided on wearing red skinny jeans and my favorite white One Direction concert shirt I bought online. I paired it with my white high top converse. I decided to leave my hair down, but straight. I grabbed my new keys and walked out the door into Holmes Chapel and began my exploration. 

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