Tell Me A Lie (Sequel to Save You Tonight)

Will Nat and Louis ever get the chance to just be happy? Or will Jack tear them apart?


13. XII

“Hellooooooooooo!” I shouted as we stepped into my Mum’s place.

“Daddyyyy!” Alex shouted, running over to me. I picked him up, hugging him tight.

“You been a good boy?” I asked smiling. He nodded. “Shall we go find your Grandma and sister then?” I popped him back down and watched him run off. I turned back to see Nat smiling, carrying Leonie in the car seat.

“Alright babe?” I asked. She nodded. I leaned down kissing her softly, taking her hand and leading her to where everyone was.

“Hey Lou! Hey Nat!” My mum Johannah beamed, coming over to hug us. “And who might this be?” She asked, seeing Leonie.

“This is Leonie.” Nat said smiling.

“Come over here you two. Come meet your baby sister.” I said smiling.

They came over carefully, peeking over at the sleeping figure in the car seat. I knelt down inbetween them both. Holding them close, I kissed both their foreheads. “This is Leonie.” My eyes filled with tears as I watched them both walk over, kissing Leonie’s head softly.

“I’ll look after you Leonie.” Alex said softly.

“Me too!” Josie added.

I glanced up at Nat who was also emotional. I smiled, giving her a wink. “I don’t know about you two but I think a cuppa is in order.” My mum said, disappearing into the kitchen,

We all made our way into the living room, making ourselves comfortable. The twins sat watching some cartoons. “So how’s the wedding plans going?” My mum asked, sipping her tea.

“They’re good, I mean it’s just under a year now, most of the main stuff is done. It’s the small bits now, like outfits, flowers and food.”

“That’s lovely. Are you having a colour scheme?”

“We’ve chosen burgundy. We’d like another though.” Nat said quietly.

“Hmm how about silver? Cream? Maybe even baby blue?”

“Good ideas Mum, I’m sure the two of us will have a good think.”

We spent the rest of the day there, the twins watched Leonie intently the whole time. Alex often told Nat to be extra careful when it was her feeding time, both of us couldn’t help but smile at how protective he was already. He was gonna be the kind of big brother who took no shit whatsoever, that I couldn’t wait to see.

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