Tell Me A Lie (Sequel to Save You Tonight)

Will Nat and Louis ever get the chance to just be happy? Or will Jack tear them apart?


10. X

Sitting on ‘The Paul O’Grady’ show, I wanted to get home. Nat was due any day now and she was home alone with the twins. We’d had our interview and there was about 30 minutes left. The next guest was Lily Allen. We all sat there quietly as he asked her questions, occasionally bringing us into it.

“Ooo hang on a minute. We have an urgent message coming through.” Paul began. I held my breath, wondering if it was to do with me. “Louis, your fiancée has gone into labour.”

“Really?” I asked, thinking to myself, what a stupid thing to ask.

“Yes, think it’s a good idea for you to go. Hope everything goes really well.” The audience cheered, the guys patted me on the back. I thanked Paul and ran off the set. Hoping I didn’t miss the birth.

Arriving at the hospital, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. All that changed when I arrived at reception though. I gave Nat’s name, asked where she was and the receptionist’s reply was that the father was already present. I obviously knew that wasn’t the case, but she was having none of it.

Panic set in, I knew it could only mean one thing, Jack was in there with my girl and her unborn baby. I didn’t know who else to turn to but Kim, she’d probably know my options. I just wanted to be there when my second daughter was born. Wanted to know Nat was safe. God knows what that monster may be doing.


Breathing through my contractions, I was truly scared. Jack was in this room posing as the ‘doting father’ and I just wanted him to go, Louis was probably here now. I watched as he went over to the doc, I knew that this was my chance. “Pssst.” I said to the midwife, she came over smiling. “That man isn’t the father of my child, I want him out of here.” She nodded her head and disappeared. I prayed she believed me and had gone to get some help.

In the time it took her to get back, I’d had another two contractions and I knew it wasn’t gonna be much longer. I almost screamed when the door burst open, the midwife was followed by Kim and a male officer. Behind him was Louis. I smiled, reaching out to him as another contraction hit me. He wasted no time in taking his place by my side. I could faintly hear Jack being read his rights.

“I’m so sorry babe. I’ll never let that happen again.” He kissed my forehead, gripping my hand. I breathed deeply as I waited to push again. This was so painful, even though I’d done it twice before. “You can do it.”

I nodded leaning forward and pushing with all I had. The doctor and midwife waiting at the other end. “There we are.” The midwife said as a baby’s cries filled the room.

“You did it.” Louis said smiling as I leaned back. I smiled watching him cut the cord, just like he had with the twins. He kissed me softly whilst she was whisked away to be cleaned up.

“There we are Natalie. A beautiful baby girl.” The midwife said placing her in my arms. “Do we have a name?”

I nodded. “Leonie Jayne Tomlinson.”

“That’s beautiful.” She replied before walking away.

“Just like her.” Louis whispered. I glanced up at him, eyes misty with emotion. “Thank you.”

I laughed. “For what?”

“Making me the happiest man on the planet, and giving me yet another gorgeous child. I love you.” He kissed me lightly on the lips, making sure he kissed the falling tears off my cheek too.

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