Tell Me A Lie (Sequel to Save You Tonight)

Will Nat and Louis ever get the chance to just be happy? Or will Jack tear them apart?


1. I

I gazed over the two page spread, my grip getting tighter and tighter. The words were piercing my heart like a knife. They couldn’t be true. She wouldn’t do this to me would she? I love this woman, why the hell am I doubting her?! Alex is a double of me, Josie a double of her. Why is this bullshit getting into my head? Especially from his mouth, only wants to cause trouble and from how I’m feeling he’s doing a good job. Hearing movement upstairs, I made a rash decision of leaving so I could process everything. I ignored my phone seeing Nat’s name and on instinct, I drove to Harry’s. I needed to chill, I’d speak to Nat later...


I ran downstairs, shocked at seeing Louis walking out. I figured it was band stuff but soon changed my tune when I noticed the newspaper report. Those Twins Are Mine read the headline. I felt myself wanting to throw up seeing the familiar figure on the page, it was Jack. He was claiming that Alex and Josie were his, that we’d secretly been seeing each other for the past three years. It was all lies and I was scared that Louis, in some strange way, believed it.

“Mummyyyyy!” The twins shouted as they entered in a excitable state. I embraced them both, pushing the paper closed, wanting to shield them from it. “Where’s Daddy?” They asked.

“I think he had to work, he’ll be back later though.” I said with a smile, hoping in my gut that he would be. I didn’t want the kids suffering too much over something like this. I just wish he’d talk to me. “What shall we have for breakfast then?”

“Can I have eggs on toast?” Alex asked.

“Ewwwwww!” Josie said in response. “Can I just have cereal?” She added.

“Of course! C’mon let’s go get some foooooood!” I smiled taking their hands and leading them to the kitchen, trying not to let the worries going on in my head show too much.


“Are you actually being serious Lou?” Harry asked me, almost laughing.


“Nat wouldn’t do this, and you are a fucking prick for thinking she would.”

“Harry, this guy had a hold on her, how can you think I’m stupid for believing it may be true?”

“Louis listen to yourself! This guy treat her like a punchbag and you think she’s gonna cheat on you with a weasel like that. You should know her better than anyone.”

“You don’t understand Harry.” I scoffed, hating the fact he wasn’t seeing my point of view.

“You’re damn right I don’t, you’re sat here accusing your fiancée of cheating on you for three years. Natalie wouldn’t do that and you’re a fool for letting this twat get into your head.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Louis, this guy loved the fact he could control Nat, now she’s with you he can’t. This bullshit is to hurt you, maybe even make you split up because then Nat is there for the taking.”

All of a sudden I came back to reality and realised Harry was right. I was stupid and I’d not even spoken to Nat, I’d ignored her calls, texts, just completely blanked her. And for absolutely nothing. “You’re right.” I whispered, putting my head in my hands.

“Dude go home, sort things out.” He said reassuringly. I nodded.

Getting up I felt my phone go off, I immediately looked at it hoping it was Nat. Reading the message, I felt my heart rise to my throat. I’ve gone to Mum’s xxx Was it too late? 

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