My BestFriend

I wrote this during a lesson and then posted it... About bulling, mental health issues and child abuse, sad story and might be depressing<3


1. only one chapter

I am tired, tired of feeling unwanted, unappreciated… A mistake. I get told it every day, from family people at school I don’t have friends, except from David, but David I can only see at night when I’m in my room on my own in the dark, he’s there I can see him I can hear him…  But he says that people are just too strange to understand me, us. He says that not talking to anyone is better for me. That people don’t get our relationship and if I told anyone that he would disappear and that can’t  happen! Not with my mum gone now, David can’t protect me from my dad though. David and I met in pre-school he was my best-friend until my mum died and the abuse from my father became daily I told him all about it and he became… Depressed… To depressed. He took his own life 2 years ago at the age of 14, he got badly bullied as well but we coped together we used to hold each-others so then we were stronger and they could get us, but now I can’t take it one day I went to the cemetery, I sat with David I sat on his stone with him and we held hands watching the world go past, he is so far from me, he’s always so cold. He says one day I will be with him again but to enjoy myself while I can, but how can I without him, with my dad constantly… People at school? I can’t be myself without David he is there in my heart with me and yet when the girls make fun of my clothes and the boys make fun of me saying that I’ve never had a boyfriend, I feel so alone. When I get home I go up to my room close the door in the dark and talk to David when I’m lying in my bed I put my head on his chest and listen to a hollowness that can never be brought back, tell him how I want to be with him all the time… He tells me everything is going to be okay, I trust David but how does he know? He is merely an existence on this earth. I visited his grave today after school. I brought rope with me, there is a tree next to him…


I now have a life with David and I don’t miss anyone me and him against the world together and never to be apart.

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