Reality ruined my life

Cuts on her wrists,
Cuts on her thighs,
Eyes full of tears,
Smiles full of lies.
Life is tough. It ruined all of our lives in little ways. Same with this girl. But with her, she's suffering from the hardest and the most painful lives ever. She feels as if no one ever cared for her. As if she just wanted to burn in hell. And I believe we have all experienced this in some part of our lives. This movella is dedicated the people who think they have no more hope in life. Love can change our lives in so many ways. Humans are actually made with 4 arms, legs and heads. We just have to find our second half. Will she finally find her second half? Will an irish boy fix her reality?


3. Why me?

Anna's POV

I grabbed my bag, once again feeling the soft liquid hit me. But anyways, mum and dad won't care about me being soaked from the rain. I didn't want to leave the sight of the beautiful sunset but I knew I would get scolded if I didn't leave. Home. Unsweet home. Here I am. Ugh. Here we go again. I placed a fake smile on my face and opened the front door. Nonna I'm home! She quickly ran up to me and gave me a squeeze. "Oh my, why are you so wet dearie?" "Nothing. Just had to run home without an umbrella" Nonna was our house maid. She was the only sweet person that cared so much for me. She was 40 and she's been working for us for 10 years. She was like my grandmother. But she still never knew about the fake teeth-showing smile that's been showing up for four years. "Go ahead to your room, I'll call you when supper is ready" she said sweetly. None of the other maids were really nice. None. "Thanks Nonna, be there in an hour." I went upstairs to the 2nd floor. My house was really big. It was a three story house. Too much luxury furniture. I just wanted a simple life like everyone else. Let me guess, my parents are too busy to spend time with me again. I slammed the door shut and sighed. I threw my bag onto the king-sized bed. It took me an hour to finish my homework. It felt like years. I need a break. Homework done. Check. Things packed. Check. Having a bad day. Check. "Anna! Dinner is ready!" "Coming!" I yelled back. I went downstairs and sat down next to nonna. "Where have you been and why have you took so long?" she asked. She was still strict like my parents. She only feeds me balanced food, gets me to bathe in time, gets me to do my homework before eating and gets me to bed in time. "In my room finishing my homework duh" I rolled my eyes. "Don't give me that look young lady" she said sternly. "Come on, tell me whats wrong" she asked in a more gentle tone. "Why nonna?" "Why what?" "Why can't I just fit in like everybody else." "Why can't I have a happy life like anybody would?" "Why am I so different?" "Because you were meant to be different hunny" she said while I broke into tears. "Now,now Anna eat your food" I finished my meal and went back upstairs. I jumped in my bed, not even bothering to have a bath first. "Because you were meant to be different" those words echoed through my head. Was I meant to suffer? Was I meant to feel useless and unloved? Was I meant to never be happy? What did I ever do to have this kind of life? Why God? Why me?

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