A girls fantasy

This about three girls Tayla, Molly and Charlie


4. The next day

The next day Tayla, saw Molly and told her everything Molly just stayed silent. Then when Tayla had finished talking Molly told her about the break up and that she's looking for a new guy. "Tayla since its the holidays lets go shopping together right now" Molly said excitingly. " ummm sure but I'm going in the boy section ok" Tayla said. As soon as they went in Kmart Molly said" we need to get you this dress because its got a skull on it it's technically a boy item!!!" Tayla rolled her eyes and said "fine"

After their shopping trip Tayla went to Molly's house. Of course Charlie was there in a mini dress  as short as short-shorts. "Heyy boy or are you a girl WAIT you are in a dress? " yeah I'm in a dress do you have problem? Or do you just think I'm a boy"

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