A girls fantasy

This about three girls Tayla, Molly and Charlie


3. The afternoon with Niall

Heyy Niall I just got here because my little sister had dancing." Tayla said without a lot of energy. " it's ok I just got here too, I brought the ball lets play football" " ummm sure" after about an hour they had finished there game. But Tayla had dirt all over her tracky pants. "Your pants are ruined" Niall told Tayla with a caring face. "It's ok these are old plus my dad won't care" Tayla told Niall which made Niall feel more comfortable. "Are we going to my house now to play Xbox" Niall asked with enthusiasm. " we sure are, Wait! I need to tell my dad, can I borrow your phone" Tayla asked politely "sure" Niall said then passed her his phone. When she turned his phone on, it had a text to his friend saying 'I'm going to see a girl tonight wish me luck' Tayla felt a bit uncomfortable but she just left it.

When they got to his house they went straight into his room and he locked it. "Why did you lock it?" Tayla asked alarmed and knowing why he locked it. (She was 16, he was 16 you know)."oh you don't want it locked ok then" " no I didn't mean it that way." Tayla told him then he locked it again. They played Xbox for a while then Tayla pointed out that it was late. She was packing her things then Niall said" no you can crash here because its school holidays" " I will have to tell my dad"" ok here's my phone" when Tayla turned his phone on, messages was up and it said 'I'm going to make a move'. So Tayla told her dad about sleeping at his house and then crashed on the Mattress next to the bed. While they were talking Niall went in for a kiss and before you know it they're kissing away Tayla wasn't even reacting. 

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