Win Your heart(1D fanfic)

April is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in Seattle, Washington. When she goes to a 1D concert and goes backstage she makes friends with the boys, but does one of them have feelings for her? She keeps in touch with them, but when she moves to London with her dad after a tragedy with her mom, and the boys get off tour, Niall returns to his new home London and finds about April's new "Friend" Gregg. Niall suspects the flirting between them and gets jealous. What April does now not know is they are fighting behind her back. She has to choose between them and she does not even really realize it! Once the time comes, who will she pick?


3. Niall's Mystery girl revealed

-April's P.O.V.-

 I walked through the front door and my mom was on the couch and she heard me and jumped up. "APRIL!YOU HAD ME WORRIED SICK!" I rolled my eyes at her. "DO NOT ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME YOUNG LADY HOW DARE YOU!" She walked over to me shouting more and more at me. "MOM! I JUST GOT STRESSED AND LEFT I AM HERE NOW!" I could see the fierce in her eyes, and I was a bit scared. "DON'T RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME YOUNG LADY!" I raised it even higher. "I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!" I felt her hand smack me across my face, the pain and warmth on my face.My mom has NEVER in my whole life has my mom EVER touched me in any way like that. I had my hand on my cheek and I felt a tear roll down my face. "I am so sorry." She said gentle to me. I just put my hand in front of her face. "No its fine! I will just go up to my room and pack my things."I went up the stairs and into my room. I opened up my laptop and went on my Twitter. I saw a bunch of picture taken of Niall and a blonde girl at the meet and greet but you could not see her face. I knew it was me, because the outfit. They called her "Niall's mystery girl" and some were saying "Could She be Niall's Princess?" and some were already hating on me and they do not even know me "She is NOT stealing My Niall!" But I understand were they are coming from so I just let it go. I got off and started packing everything until all that was left was my furniture. When I was sleeping my phone went off. It was a nonification from Niall's Twitter. I went to go view it and it was a picture he captured 


       Hey Guys I just wanted you to know that the so called "Mystery girl", she is just a beautiful fan I met and there is nothing like that between us! @AprilMarie_1D Please do not send hate! Xx


 My heart was frozen, He really just did that! without concerning me! Why do people always do stuff without concerning me! I mean my parents it is understandable but it is everyone now. I started typing to tweet back.  


                 @NiallOfficial Thanks for clearing that up but you know that is not going to shut them up haha. Miss you text me Xxx

 I went to go check my news feed and he followed me too! One of my dreams finally came true! All of my dreams were coming true but other things were tearing apart. My news feed was blowing up getting followers and tweets directed to me. I snapshotted one and posted it.


                  I am sick and tired of the hate, guys we are just friends. Sending me hate will not make him happy or yours! ;)

 So This is how it feels. I am not even a 1D girlfriend and I am getting hate, and some who are saying "If you and Niall dated I would respect you" and some saying "I appreciate you and after viewing your profile I would LOVE for you two to date!" and even #Horanson is trending. I am not sure how I fell asll about this. I had to put my phone down and get some sleep, so I did.

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