Win Your heart(1D fanfic)

April is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in Seattle, Washington. When she goes to a 1D concert and goes backstage she makes friends with the boys, but does one of them have feelings for her? She keeps in touch with them, but when she moves to London with her dad after a tragedy with her mom, and the boys get off tour, Niall returns to his new home London and finds about April's new "Friend" Gregg. Niall suspects the flirting between them and gets jealous. What April does now not know is they are fighting behind her back. She has to choose between them and she does not even really realize it! Once the time comes, who will she pick?


4. Apology not accepted.

 -April's P.O.V.-

 When I woke up I was up and ready to leave. I did my hair and makeup not really caring so much. I threw on a outfit, I was still mad at my mom so I just wanted to leave as soon as possible. I took a look in the mirror and for once not wanting to fix one little thing, because I did not care for my appearance.


 When a guy came in taking my stuff to a car my mom came in and I could not even look at her.

 "Hun I am SOO sorry about what I did, but you are leaving you have to forgive me." I was to angry to look at her or speak to her so I just walked right past her and helped the men bring my stuff to the moving truck. I knew she was ashamed at what she did, she has not changed out of what she is wearing, did anything with her face or step foot outside sense what she did, so knowing that I stayed outside as she stood at the door way looking at me with pity in her eyes. I just kept rolling my eyes at her.

 We drove to the airport and the men got all my suit cases and bags into the plane. On the plane my phone was ringing, it was Niall so I answered it.

 Me:Hello?         Niall:Hey! April..I saw everything on twitter, I should of known they would send hate I did not ask you nothing I am sorry.   me: Niall it is ok...

  I thought about everyone making decisions behind my back and if I let them think its ok they will continue it..So I changed my mind.

 me:Actually..It is NOT ok, Niall! please get my permission before doing that next time!

 Niall:YES I promise I will! I swear! Please believe me!

 me: haha Niall you are already begging when I have not even said I do not forgive you.

 Niall:Do you forgive me?

me: Maybe. You have to prove to me you deserve my apology.

 Niall: O haha you are going to regret those words I will PROVE you deserve my apology ]! I am irresistible.

 me: O ya suuuuree!

 Niall: You are so different form other girls...that is why I chose you as my new friend! so What are you doing friend!

 me: First off if we are going to be friends, call me by my name not by what I am to you! And nothing much just sitting on a plane off to London

Niall:O I live in London, well actually I am recently not living anywhere, but ya when I am not touring I live there!

me: GET OUT! wow you should come visit me when your done touring.

Niall: I plan on it!..erm April I have to go, I will talk to you later, FRIEND!

me:You are not getting any apology pushing my buttons sir.

Niall: haha ok Bye April

me:BETTER! bye

 We hung up. I actually enjoyed talking to Niall he is fun to talk too. After listening to music and surfing the web I fell asleep. I am kind of nervous about seeing my dad, last time I saw him was for 2 minutes on my 14th birthday, my parents divorced when I was like 9 so yea..Will he hate me, will he be mean or strict. What will he be like?

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