Saving Angles

Ivy-Rose was your typical teenager....well almost typical. Ivy is shy, pretty, smart.......and an angel. She's not your typical angel though.....half of her belongs to hell and the other to heaven. Being Satan's daughter comes in handy sometimes.....others it's great to be the daughter of God. But what happens when she meets a group of boys that could change things in both heaven and hell.......and in her too. Join Ivy-Rose through this crazy series


1. Faithful Meetings

 I can't remember a time where my fathers got along. It was hard to fit in already but being who i am makes it ten times harder. Then again it doesn't help that I'm a shy person. Of course some people knew who I am. But everyone knew me as the white haired girl with red in it. I was different and no pne understood that. Some Angels and Demons lived on the human world and knew who I was. They mostly ignored me because they are popular unlike me. I don't mind it though. I heard that there was this pack of boys going to join my school Monday. All the girls were talking about it throughout school. I just ignored them and focused on my work so the teacher didn't yell at me. I was tired of her constant attitude torwards me. My teacher was just like a teenager. She picked on me and made fun of me like others. She mostly picked on me because of my eyes. They weren't normal for a human. My eyes were a startling shade of blue and they always changed color. I sat there when I felt eyes staring at me. I turned looked around the room but no one was looking at me. I looked out the window and into the forest that surrounded the school and saw 10 pairs of yellow eyes staring back at me. I got up and walked out of class. My teacher was use to my weird behavior and let me go. I walked into the forest making sure no one noticed me. The snow crunched under my feet as I edged closer to the forest. As I entered I was tackled to the floor by a boy. There were wolves as big as horses behind him. I gasp and the boy put his hand over my mouth as if he thought i was going to scream. I bite his hand before kicking him off me. "Holy Fuck!" The guy screamed before someone else started laughing. "I told you mate that wasn't the best idea." What the hell?

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