Back With The Boys

*Some Mature Content*
After almost a year of being away from her brother, Louis, Marcy and her best friend Anabell are invited to go on a summer long vacation at the boys beach house. Will Niall and Marcy's relationship stay strong? Or will they break when problems come there way? Will Louis and Anabell be able to hind there feeling forever or will they eventually share the love they have for each other?


7. the test

Marcy's POV

I just sat on the sand not knowing what to think. I feel bad for yelling at Niall but he acted like I should act calm when I could have a child growing inside me at this very moment. Before I make any guesses though I should probably get a test. I walked towards the house trying to make sure no one saw me but failed when I ran into Harry. "Hi" he said. "Hey" I said my voice breaking. "Mar what's wrong?" He said and took my hand leading me to the porch. "Me and Niall had sex" I barley wispered. "What! Marcy your too young." "Shut up your starting to sound like Louis. Sorry I didn't mean to." "It's okay. But why is that such a bad thing? You two love eachother right?" "It-it broke." That's when all the tears came out. Harry pulled me into his chest and rub my back.

Harry POV

I can't believe that happened to Marcy. She doesn't deserve this. She so beautiful and kind. I would never have this happen. I know Niall couldn't help it but Marcy wasn't ready for sex. "Babe it's okay. Did you take a test yet?" "No I was just going to get one." "I'll drive you."

Marcy POV

When we got back I practically ran into the bathroom. We got 3 tests. "Wait for 5 minutes" I read to myself. So I say there praying that they came up negative. Beep beep.

Niall POV

I can't find Marcy anywhere. Maybe Harry has seen her. "Hey man have you seen Marcy." He have me a dirty look. "Yeah she's in that bathroom." I made my way and I could hear crying. "Baby it's me. Open up hon." The door slowly opened up to reveal Marcy curled up in a ball on the floor. "Oh honey. What is it?" She just pointed up. I turned my head to where she was pointing. I think it was pregnancy test. I looked at them there was a negative sign and two positive signs. Oh shoot.

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