Back With The Boys

*Some Mature Content*
After almost a year of being away from her brother, Louis, Marcy and her best friend Anabell are invited to go on a summer long vacation at the boys beach house. Will Niall and Marcy's relationship stay strong? Or will they break when problems come there way? Will Louis and Anabell be able to hind there feeling forever or will they eventually share the love they have for each other?


3. Surprise


     Louis and I have planned to take the girls out on a surprise dinner on the beach.  Louis and Annabelle aren't actually dating but they clearly like each other.  It feels weird holding Marcy in my arms after such a long time of just seeing each other over Skype.  But it also feels good to be able to hug and kiss the girl I fell in love with on July 4, 2011.  So I have loved her 2 years and asked her out 7 months ago when I last saw her.



     We pulled up to Louis' house.  He invited me and the boys to their family's 4th of  July party.  This would be the second time meeting his family.  I met them before the X Factor but that was only his mum and dad.  We were all very excited to meet his sister, Marcy.  When we walked inside we were greeted by many hugs and hellos. After getting through the crowd we saw Louis hugging a girl with brown curly hair.  After they released from their embrace Louis turned around facing us so we could see the girl's face.  She was beautiful with her long hair and big brown eyes.  When I heard someone speak I got knocked out of my trance, "Hi, I'm Marcy." A voice said.  I realized that the girl was Louis' sister.  "H-Hi, I'm Niall." I said blushing, probably looking like a tomato.  And that's the moment I fell in love with Marcy Ava Tomlinson. 



     While I was day dreaming Marcy and I were in our room unpacking all of her stuff.  When we finally finish I looked over and Marcy and said, "Babe be ready by 7 and meet out on the porch.  Louis and I have a surprise for you girls."  And with that I kissed her on the lips which turned into a more heated kiss.  She was running her hands through my hair which I loved.  I licked her bottom lip for entrance which she gladly accepted.  After a couple minutes of snogging, I pulled away and we put our foreheads together.  "I love you so much." She said looking into my eyes.  " I love you too."  I smiled... "Don't forget. 7 sharp. Bye beautiful." Now I had to get ready.



     I was deciding on what to wear. I had  no idea where we were going. I was quite excited though. Just then I heard a knock on my door "Come in!" I yelled. It was Annabelle "Hey umm do you know where we are going?" She asked. "No I have no idea. What are you wearing?" Right at that moment I got a text, Nialler <3: Hey babe, dress nice;) xx                         I showed Annabelle my phone. I went to look in my closet. No,no,no,no,perfect! I picked a yellow sun dress that went to mid thigh. I also picked out a pair of heals. Then I went to plug in my curling wand. Annabelle walked in wearing a blue sundress which made her eyes pop. Her hair was straightened down to her lower back. Her hair was longer then mine which I was jealous of. "You look sooo pretty!" She said. "You too!" I replied. My curling wand beeped so I started to curl my hair. I finished in 40 minutes, I had really think hair.



     "We should probably go" I said looking at my iPhone, 6:57. When we got on the porch we saw rose peddles leading down to the beach. "Maybe we should get some flip flops" Marcy said. After getting our flip flops we followed the rose peddles down to the beach to see a table for 4 with candles around it. "Where are they boys?" I asked but before I could answer someone grabbed Marcy's waist picking her up and bringing her into the water while spinning her around. Niall. They were so cute together.



     My hands were sweating I was so nervous. Today I would ask Annabelle to be my girlfriend. Annabelle sat down and I did too. This would be the perfect time. The sun was setting and it was just we and her while Niall and Marcy were in the water. "Annabelle?" I asked  "Yes Louis?" she said blushing. "Do you ever wish you had a relationship like Marcy and Niall?"  She thought for a moment, "Yes I have. But I would want a relationship like theres unless there was the perfect guy." She said looking into my eyes the whole time. I leaned in and she did too. "I think I found him though." She said. Then we kissed. I've been waiting for this moment since we played truth or dare back when we were kids.



      Me and Marcy were kissing when she stopped and whispered against my lips "Niall stop. Look." She said while pointing at Louis and Annabelle kissing on the beach. "Its about time!" We said at the same time laughing. I whistle and Marcy hit my arm. Louis and Annabelle looked at us blushing. "Can we eat now? I'm starving!" Marcy said. That's my girl.



      While we were eating we were having a real good conversations between the 4 of us. Marcy and Niall couldn't keep there hands of each other and I had a feeling something was going to happen tonight. When everyone was done eating we all went to walk by the beach. Louis grabbed my hand. I looked up at him and smiled. He has the prettiest blue eyes. He smiled back. We both looked back because we were ahead of Marcy and Niall to see Niall trying to pick Marcy up and throw her in the water. He succeeded and in a few seconds Marcy and Niall were soaked in the water. Knowing Marcy she was probably mad because her hair takes awhile to get in curls. She couldn't stay mad at him forever though. Before I knew it I was soaked in water too. I came up from under water to see Louis laughing on the sand. I got out and pushed Louis in and ran back into the house. It was getting late so I decide to get a shower and get ready for bed.



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