Back With The Boys

*Some Mature Content*
After almost a year of being away from her brother, Louis, Marcy and her best friend Anabell are invited to go on a summer long vacation at the boys beach house. Will Niall and Marcy's relationship stay strong? Or will they break when problems come there way? Will Louis and Anabell be able to hind there feeling forever or will they eventually share the love they have for each other?


4. First


     We stayed at the beach a little longer than Louis and Annabelle did.  I noticed that Marcy was shivering so I wrapped my arms around her.  Normally I would giver her my coat but that was wet so it wouldn't help.  we walked back in silence but it wasn't awkward.  "I'm going to go take a shower." Marcy said.  while she was in the shower I heard singing and it was amazing.  At that time I wasn't thinking so I walked into the bathroom and the singing came from the shower.  Being the stupid person I am I walked right into the shower.  "Niall what are you doing?" She whisper/yelled.  I ignored her question and said, "You have a really good voice!" She blushed but her face got serious.  "Niall James Horan, I am naked!" I just started laughing.  She was blushing like crazy.  "I like this look on you." I winked and she smacked my arm.  Without giving her time to think I smashed my lips onto hers and it got more heated than I intended to.



     The kiss was very heated. Niall picked me up and brought me to the bedroom. Nialls clothes we all wet so I took this as the opportunity to take them off. Niall stopped me "Are you sure?" he asked worried. "Yes." I said and smashed my lips into his. Soon we were both naked and I grabbed a condom which he put on.  Niall being the tease he is, started kissing me not doing anything.  "Niall" "What?" He said. "Are you going to do anything?" I was nervous considering I had never gone this far before.  Before I could say anything else I felt him thrust into me. "Niall" I moaned his name over and over again. I've never felt anything like this before. Niall picked up the pace thrusting fast and faster. He started to slow down. "N-no. Niall don't stop."  he started going faster again.



      Me and Annabelle were sitting in my room cuddling when we heard moans from down the hall. "What is that?" I said. Annabelle laughed "Probably Niall and Marcy having sex or something."  WHAT?! My little sister having sex. No,no,no. I ran out of the room heading for Nialls.



      After I pulled out of Marcy she asked if there was anything I could do for her. I told her to suck and she knew what I met. I was moaning like crazy while she licked my tip. Then she shoved it into her mouth. All of the sudden the door flew open while Marcy's mouth was around my dick.  It was Louis.  "Marcy! What the hell are you doing?!" Marcy grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her body. "Louis I'm 19. I can go what I want. Get out please." She said trying to control her anger. "You may be 19 but your also my baby sister!" Louis yelled. "Bye a year!" She spat. "Now get out Louis!" Louis stormed out of the room and Marcy turn around dropping the blanket. "Now where were we?" She asked rubbing me and kissing my neck. "Marcy maybe we should stop. Louis seemed pretty mad." I said. "Marcy stood up seductively "Oh so you don't want this?" She said try to act all sexy which I thought was adorable. She bit her lip which was a huge turn on for me and she could. Marcy started giggling. I pulled her into a hug, our naked bodies against each other. "Lets go to bed babe."


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