Oh oh oh oh, it's hexagonal love!

Angsty Clarice never could make up her mind. So when she finds herself pursued by 5 different boys, which one will she choose?


1. The Sands of True Love

Once upon a time there was a humanoid being named Clarice who lived in the magical land of Springfield.  Clarice was always busy.  When she wasn’t in school delving into the exciting world of geometrical definitions, theorems, and postulates, she was teaching herself how to speed-knit, walk on her hands, or juggle sixteen flaming bowling pins at once.  She also enjoyed organizing pot luck dinners for all of her friends at lunch, where she prided herself on serving up perfect soufflés.

It wasn’t long before Clarice’s many talents caught the eye of a certain young man named Jackson Kane, who sought every opportunity to bump into her in the hallways.  In fact, he even began researching different soufflé recipes so she could branch out from her usual carrot and eggplant variety.  Sadly, despite his best efforts, Clarice didn’t carrot all for Mr. Kane, and she continually turned down his offers of taking her to Lebanon for free and buying her VIP concert tickets to her favorite band.

However, Jackson was determined to win her heart, no matter how long it took or how much it cost him.  He began to formulate a plan to make her his.  This strategy consisted of five steps:

Be attractive and smell good. Be friendly and always greet her in the hallways. Buy her gifts and put them in her locker. Ask her out every day to show her that she was always on his mind. Text her every night to remind her that she would be in his dreams.

After a few trips to the mall, Jackson felt confident that his plan would work.  He set out for school the next morning with a new spring in his step (mostly due to the fact that he was wearing his newly purchased Croc sneakers with supportive, odor-free insoles).

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