New Year, New Life, New Me

Paige Mallory is the new girl around. She just moved down to texas from georgia. She was a world champ on Orange for many years. Her dad got a new gym so it's good bye to her old family and home that she called Stingrays. Once she walks through the doors of Cheer Athletics she knows that everything is going to change but is it for the better?


14. That Day at Worlds

Paige's POV: 

I saw matt pull up to my driveway exactly when he said he would. If Ryan knew what was happening he would have had a cow!  He came in and i gave him a bottle of water and sat down at the couch across from him. He disgusted me. Everything about him just made me hate him more. I hadn't talked to him since that day at worlds but being on a team with him just made me want to move but then i thought about Ryan. I really couldn't leave him. I really thought there was something special there. He was my everything at the moment and if it wasn't for him i would probably be at Spirit of Texas right now. 

"Do you remember the worlds we spent together? The one before cheetahs won? When we were 14." He smiled and i wanted to punch him. 

"Yeah. That was my second year on orange." 

"Well remember after day one we met. You were wearing a nice peach shirt and blue jean shorts." 

"It is disgusting how you remember what i was wearing." 

"Well i also remember ripping them off you."  "And thats all you were able to do you pig. I was 14, you took advantage of me!" 

"Oh no you were the one who came onto me. You kissed me first on the roller coaster." I had to sit on my hands to not smack him in the face right now. I was so mad and all i wanted to show Matty how much i hated him by beating the crap out of him. He then proceeded to show me the picture of us from that day. I smacked the phone out of his hand and sat back into the couch with arms crossed. 

Ryan's POV: 

That was them? The famous cheer photo. It circulated to everyones page on facebook and twitter. And now it was on instagram. I cant believe that was her and matty! She hooked up with him. I always thoght he was lying when he told us back then but it was true and we trashed the girl who did it, brutally. But she told me she had never done anything. She lied. I ran out of her house as fast as i could, and trust me i made a lot of noise. I ran to the woods crying but she never saw me. Once i was out of sight i came back and saw matty leave. It was then i got a call from...

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