New Year, New Life, New Me

Paige Mallory is the new girl around. She just moved down to texas from georgia. She was a world champ on Orange for many years. Her dad got a new gym so it's good bye to her old family and home that she called Stingrays. Once she walks through the doors of Cheer Athletics she knows that everything is going to change but is it for the better?


13. Curiosity Could Kill The Relationship

Ryan's POV: 

"You know nothing happened. Thats what we agreed on" she spoke with a stern hushed tone. 

"Well maybe i want to do it again with you." He spoke. I still couldn't tell who it was. 

"Nothing happened." I slowly peaked over the trash cans i hid behind. She was facing me but the boy she was talking to had a hoodie on. She had took down her hair and put on her old orange shirt. She looked beautiful this way, all natural. 

"Come on baby, you know you had fun." He grabbed he waist and pulled her into him. She quickly pushed him off of her and showed a huge sign of disgust on her face. 

"We were 14. Nothing happened then and nothing will happen now." 

"You know i can tell everyone and you will be destroyed on this team." Now her facial expression went to angry. I have never seen her angry like this. 

"Ryan is my boyfriend. I am with him not you so get over it." She spit out her words. 

"Well he wont be once he knows his sweet innocent girl isn't how she acts." 

"We will talk about this later. I think Ryan is gettin worried." She looked pissed.

"Ill come over tomorrow and we will talk." I ran back to the car and tried to catch my breath. 

"So uhm how was your mom?" I said word by word trying to make sure my breath was steady. 

"Shes good. Parents are going to Costa Rica for two weeks. Wanna stay over this weekend?" She asked me. She had no idea i heard.

"Sure." I needed to know who that was and what happened. 

"Can you take me home, i've had a really long day." She intertwined her hand with mine and laid her head on my shoulder. She soon fell asleep. Before i woke her up her phone beeped and out of curiosity i looked at her phone. She hadn't yet save the number but it was him.

778-289-7845: 'I'm coming over at 12.'

She began to wake up and i quickly put her phone back on the console.  "Hey babe wake up you're home." She smiled at me with so much love in her eyes. 

"I love you." So was still asleep pretty much but it was still wow. We had been dating for two weeks. And since i saw her, i knew i was going to love her. I decided to carry her inside and dropped her off in her bed. I tucked her in and kissed her good night. But even though i loved her too i still needed to know what happened.

I was going to skip school, i unlocked the back door and went out the front and drove home. I just wanted to know who it was. It was someone from cheer and if it was the person i thought it was then it might just change things.  



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