Just Ed's Little Sister (Niall Horan love story)

Arianna Sheeran was pretty normal except the fact that her brother is Ed Sheeran. Ed's best friends are none other than One Direction. What happens when one has been liking her but she starts dating one of the other members?


6. 'Will you go out with me?'


 Zayn's p.o.v


I was surprised that Ed is actually letting me date Ari. Now, I just have to figure out a way to ask her out. This is gonna take a while.

 Arianna's p.o.v

 It's been 3 days since we got back from camping. It's my birthday today. It's also the twins' birthday too. Zayn and Niall have been........distant. When I talk to Niall, all he says is 'huh?'. I don't think he actually listens to me anymore. When I talk to Zayn, he doesn't answer at all. Ed is always hanging out with Harry and Liam is constantly with Danielle. The only people I talk to are Aubrey, Louis and my cousins, Nya and Abby (twins). Today, I woke up and found everyone gone. I went into the kitchen and found a note. It said

 Hey sis,

 You're probably wondering where we are. Just follow these instructions. Go upstairs and put on your favorite outfit. Walk over to the ice cream shop around the corner. There you will find the twins. They will give you your next note. Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday!!!

                                                                             ED!! :)

 I did as I was told. I put on my cookie monster supras, a blue varsity jacket, my 1D snapback my Elmo t - shirt and my black skinny jeans and walked to the ice cream shop around the corner. I found Nya and Abby eating ice cream. When they saw me, I walked over to them and they handed me a note. It said 

 Hey Ari,

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Walk to the park across the street and look for Harry. He has your next note. Honestly, we want to tell you who set this up but we can't. Sorry. Anyways, Happy Birthday!!!! 

                                                            From: The 2 potterheads in your life. Nya and Abby :D 

 "Thanks guys" I said and hugged them. "Okay now go!!" They told me. I exited the ice cream shop and walked over to park across the street. There,  I found Harry. "Hey Haz" I said. "Hey Ari, Happy Birthday!" 'Thanks" I said. He handed me a note. It read

 Hey Ari,

              How's life? Anyways, there is only 1 more notes after this. Lou and El and Niall have ur last one. They're all at ur at ur house. They're gonna take u somewhere. Happy Birthday, love. ;)


 I finished reading the note and found Harry gone. I shrugged it off and walked back home. I found Louis, Eleanor and Niall sitting on the front steps. "Took you long enough." Louis said. I rolled my eyes. "Let's go" Eleanor whined. We went over to my car. Louis got in the drivers' side, Niall in the passenger seat and me and El in the back. She handed me a note. It read. 


  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We're taking you to the place you met us, including El. Yes, we mean the our mansion. 

                                                         From: Superman, Supergirl and mr. Leprechaun.

When I finished reading, we were already at their mansion. And I was the only one in the car. I sighed ad walked inside. All the lights were off and it was dark outside so I couldn't see anything. Suddenly, the lights turned on and I saw a bunch of my family, friends and even celebrities. They all yelled "SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" "THANKS!!!" I shouted. I saw the boys, my parents, some other relatives, the twins, my school friends and I even saw Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling and Olly Murs. "Who set this up?" I asked. "ZAYN" Louis shouted. I was surprised Zayn set this up. He knew practically everything about me and I knew everything about him. He's pretty much like a brother but I like him. Harry's not really like a brother, he's more of a best friend. I walked over to Zayn. "Thanks Zayn" I said and then I hugged him. "Your welcome and Happy Birthday, Ari." He said and hugged me back.


 ~after cake and presents~

 "I have a question for Ari" Zayn said into the mic. We had just finished opening presents, and by we, I mean me and the twins. It's their birthday too. "Ari, Will you go out with me?" He asked. I was speechless. I just nodded my head and everyone cheered. THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!


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