Just Ed's Little Sister (Niall Horan love story)

Arianna Sheeran was pretty normal except the fact that her brother is Ed Sheeran. Ed's best friends are none other than One Direction. What happens when one has been liking her but she starts dating one of the other members?


3. Two boys loving one girl



 Zayn's p.o.v

 When Ari was sitting on my lap, Niall seemed mad. I wonder what his problem is.

 Niall's p.o.v 

When I saw Ari sitting on Zayn's lap, I was really mad. None of the boys knew that I had a crush on Ari except for Liam.

 Arianna's p.o.v

 When we got home, Ed was showing the boys where they would be sleeping. My parents put an extra bed in my room for one of the boys. They put one in Ed's room too. There was an extra bedroom with 3 beds in it for the rest of the boys. "Okay, who's sleeping in my room?" I asked. "We don't know yet, both Zayn and Niall want to be in your room. Louis' in my room, Harry and Liam are in the extra bedroom. Now we just need to know who will be in your room and who will be in the extra bedroom." Ed told me. "Can Harry sleep in my room, considering he's my bestie?" I asked. "You know what, I actually want to be in Ari's room" Louis said. "Okay then, Louis your in my room." I said. "YAY!!!" He said. "Now you and me can be besties along with Harry." I said. "Follow me" I told him.He followed. None of the boys knew where my bedroom is, until now. My room has some Harry Potter posters, some One Direction posters, some posters of Ed and a lot of posters of Olly Murs. He knew which one was his bed because I told him that my bed had a red Gryffindor bedspread and his was a green Slytherin bedspread. He knew that I'm a MASSIVE Potterhead. We went to the living room only to find Zayn and Niall looking sad. I wonder what's their problem. 

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