Just Ed's Little Sister (Niall Horan love story)

Arianna Sheeran was pretty normal except the fact that her brother is Ed Sheeran. Ed's best friends are none other than One Direction. What happens when one has been liking her but she starts dating one of the other members?


11. "I WAS DRUNK!!!!!"


Zayn's pov

I shouldn't have gone into the kitchen. Liam warned me not to but he didn't explain why. When I tried to kiss Ari's cheek, she pushed me away. Nya, Abby, El, Dani and Niall just glared at me. Ari kept her head down. What did I do? When Ari was about to leave, Nya said "You might wanna see this Ari" ThenNya and Abby dragged me outside. Ari and Niall followed. When they came out, Nya was kicking my face. What did I do to deserve this? First, Ari rejects my kiss, Second, everyone glares at me and now this. I know Nya's a black belt, Abby's a red belt and Ari's a blue belt. Why is Niall just standing there watching Nya kick my butt? What happened last night? All I remember is going to a club. That's all!!! Nya did a LOT of taekwondo. When she was done, I couldn't even walk! Then Harry walked out of the bus and asked what happened. Niall explained that last night I cheated on Ari with Ari's old bully. I didn't know!!! I WAS DRUNK!!!!! Then Harry helped me inside. Then he went back out. When I looked out the window, he was high fiving Nya!! When they came inside I started shouting at Nya "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?" I yelled. "YOU CHEATED ON ARI!!! KYLA HAS BEEN BULLYING HER SINCE THEY WERE IN KINDERGARTEN!!!" She yelled. "I WAS DRUNK!!!" I shouted "STILL!!! YOU MAY HAVE BEEN MY FAVOURITE IN THE BAND BUT NOW YOUR JUST AN ARSE WHO CHEATED ON MY COUSIN!" She shouted. Louis started laughing. "What're you laughing at?" I asked. "Nya kicking your butt" He replied. He was watching a video. I guess Niall video taped it. Then Nya walked over to him and started laughing with him. I just stormed out of the room. I heard Ari talking to someone. "......Simon, I quit and so do Nya and Abby...........Because I can't see him again.......thanks for understanding Simon......yes you can still sign us........okay bye" That's all I heard. She's leaving? Now I can't get her back. I messed everything up!

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