Blood lust

This family is not an ordinary family but either is the world they live it. Only at the age of six and seven a blood thirsty sister and strange brother was taught that killing was a necessary part of their life. The rest of the world may not know about their birth but the victims sure do.


3. wtf bro?!

     I watched my brother jump back afraid of my reaction. What was he thinking? Was my brother stupid enough to take the risk of falling for some girl he plotted to kill? I made my way down the steps quietly. He stood nervously beside the bed. I stop in front of him and slapped him hard across the face. How could he be so stupid? The slap sent a sharp pain to him and his face jerked to the side. "Oww what the hell sis" he blurted out. I felt pleasure from his anger almost happy that it left a nice red mark on his cheek. " You are so foolish. What is going through your head? I should be sure to inform mother about this predicament." I replied folding my arms. "I have no idea what are you referring to. I simply was going to lay my head on her chest to check for her heart beat. Mother wouldn't like the girl to be dead now. Why am I even explaining to you when you're so quick to make assumptions just by looking at me when my back was face towards you?" He shouts at me.

    I knew he was lying but didn't know how to prove it. He walked toward me and leaned in putting his lips towards my ear. "If I was you I would make sure I'm completely right and have evidence before I dare tell mother anything." He whispered. He was right if I tell mother what I saw she would want evidence and if I don't have any to provide she would hurt me thinking I lied to her. " You are so lucky I have nothing to present to mother. However, I know what I saw and I would be keeping an eye out on you BROTHER." I glanced at the girl. " Now sis wouldn't that be difficult when mother always put me first. Besides I always make her proud and she would always listen to me before you." he chuckled as he ran his fingers through the girls hair. " I really hate you" I replied back. " Oh darling sister you can never hate me because you love me. I can wait until mother comes." he smiled.

   She must die, I can tell he admire her but how? She just been here over night. I sat down thinking of a way to draw him from her. I know he might be smart enough to convince mother to keep her alive and that wouldn't be acceptable. I heard a slight mumble it had a girly sound to it so I turned around to find the girl becoming conscious again. I quickly grabbed a shovel from the right side of the room rushing toward the bed to hit her. Suddenly I felt my arm being gripped. " Are you stupid or retarted? Choose one." my brother said with his face filled with anger. "Either, now let me go." my face flushed with redness. I can tell he knew I was more anxious to be done with her more then before. " What is wrong with you? You know mother would kill you if nothing goes her way. Pull yourself together." he let my hands go. The girl dashed up the steps and brother ran after her.

    I can hear her screams and quickly began to smile again. She wouldn't want a guy who wants to kill her. As long as she see him as nothing more of a killer I have nothing to worry about. I focus on the basement roof and looking where I hear the noises and screams from. She was in the kitchen, I can tell by the noises of her rumbling through the knifes. Heavier steps came in and I knew that it must have been my brother. A loud slam happen and I jumped from the noise. What was that? I walked towards the basement stairs when I heard foot steps approaching. The door slowly opened and I froze into place.


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