My life...

I used to be a normal 19 year old girl named Jay Clark...Until the day my mother was killed. My dad became a drunken after that. To this day my life mission has been to figure out how she died and you will never guess who decided to help me. One Direction. I set of course with my mission when I fall in love. Why me? Why now? All good questions yet, I don't have time to answer them


3. the team

Jays POV

I was set on finding out what happened to my mother I had one person on my team. Skype. Even though she didn't know it yet. I had another person in mind that Zayn boy I met earlier and maybe we all could figure out what happened to her.

I soon  arrived at Skype's house. I rang the door bell and saw my best friend Skype Walker. When she saw me she tackled me in a huge hug." Its been to long I missed  you so much Jay " she said "yeah it has" I said walking in the door." You remember when I asked if you could help me with something? " I asked. She nodded. ''Well I am actually trying to figure out a mystery" I said she nodded "What mystery?" she asked. I looked at my feet and sighed "My mothers death" I said . I looked back at her she smiled and nodded "I did say anything. Right?" she said I smiled ''thank you!" I shouted "who is down there with you Skype?!" I heard a similar voice shout "My friend Jay" she shouted ''Jay?!" he shouted back before I heard running down the stairs. I looked at the stairs to see that Zayn guy I met  earlier . "hey" he said looking at me "hi" I said "do you too know each other, oh of course who wouldn't know one of the most famous people in the world" she said "famous?"  I asked "yeah he's Zayn Mailk of One Direction" she said "what the hell is a one direction?" I asked making Zayn laugh "Its a band" he said with a smile before coming and sitting down next to me. "anyway could you help me well us " I asked Zayn "yeah sure what is it" he asked  Skype looked at him and said "her mother died 7 months ago and well she was actually killed and she wants to figure out who killed her or what happened " she looked at Zayn and gave him her puppy dog eyes that any one would fall for "he shrugged and said "sure'' I smiled and gave him a huge hug . When I pulled away he was as red as a tomato. I smiled and said "THANK YOU!!!!!!" well yelled not said "we have a team" Zayn said smiling looking at me.

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