My life...

I used to be a normal 19 year old girl named Jay Clark...Until the day my mother was killed. My dad became a drunken after that. To this day my life mission has been to figure out how she died and you will never guess who decided to help me. One Direction. I set of course with my mission when I fall in love. Why me? Why now? All good questions yet, I don't have time to answer them


14. moving in

Liam Pov

I walked out of my room in Skype's  house. Zayn has been going on and on about that a girl we met every since he left the party and how his heart was broken but whatever even though I still haven't  gotten over.....her..... he never even asked me what I was dealing with it.

Once I got to the living room the door bell rang 'ugh' I thought. I walked to the door I opened a the door to see two girls. One caught my eye she had big brown eyes and long brown wavy hair she was beautiful. The other one had bark black hair that had blue streaks and had crystal blue eyes that sparkled this was the same girl that I met at the party that Zayn won't shut up about. '' Hey I'm Jay we met last night  and this is Olivia who was also at the party  I'm Skype's friend.'' Said  Jay. Olivia was at the party how did I not see someone so beautiful ''Hello'' said the Olivia girl I was apperently staring at her. ''Um.. is Skype here '' asked Jay '' no'' I replied lying to her     '' look Liam I talked to Skype like five minutes ago so ethier you let me in or I brake you and get in ethier way I'm gonna get in kapish'' said Jay I noticed that she had a stitch in on her head. '' I'm sorry about her she is not in the best mood'' said Olivia ''yeah, and  my God Jay how did that happen?" I asked her '' that's none of you business'' she replied with a attitude. Her eyes then stopped sparkling . I backed away to let them in. Jay walked in but Olivia stayed she went in a bag and got a pen she grabbed my hand and wrote her name and number. I smiled at her and she smiled back

Jays POV

I decided  to  ask Olivia to take me to Skype's house since Jordan would want to ride mine until she gets hers back (let's just  say my sister isn't the best driver) I don' t see why Liam was lying to me what did he have to hide I wondered ''Skype!!" I yelled from the stair case ''she no live here me just messed up Chinese lady'' I heard Skype yell in a Chinese accent  '' Me just messed up american lady'' I yelled back. '' Jay your here!!!" Skype yelled ''Jays here's!?" I heard three voices say. Right then Niall ran down the stairs and hugged me ''JAY!!!!!!!!" He yelled''NIALL!!!!!" I yelled back "Niall get off her, mainly because I want to get on her'' Harry yelled   from behind him. Oh no I thought to myself. '' OK I can deal with a Niall hug but Harry your hugs are just wired'' I said '' how would you know I never hugged you'' he said '' hugs!" I heard Louis yell '' Niall can you please get off me?" I said ''nope'' he said popping the 'p'. ''Niall you have to let other people get hugs '' I said to him '' what if other people don't want to get hugs'' Niall said '' supermaaaaaaaaaaaan is here to save you'' Louis said grabbing Nialls leg  and pulling it '' Robaaaaaaaaan is here'' Harry yelled and pulled Nialls other leg "liammmmmmmmm is here'' Liam yelled running over to us and grabbing Nialls arms '' OK as much as I love four guys covering me I have to get my stuff ''stuff?'' niall asked ''yeah guys I moving in'' I said ''you are?" Harry asked ''yeah so can I go get my stuff?'' I asked ''yes yes a billion times yes''  Louis said ''good'' I said walking outside to get my things '' do you want me to help you?''  Olivia asked ''yes please'' I said. Where is Zayn I wondered 

Once we got my stuff inside we set it in the living room. I then went upstairs to Skype's room. Once I got there I heard a series of moans oh God I thought to myself. The door had a crack in it so I peaked and I was surprised at what I saw 


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