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Hayley never got or gets what she wants...she's not the Elena Gilbert or the Bella Swan. She doesn't get the prince in shining armour, even when she goes out of her way to get him. Until she moves school, where she meets a boy who is a supposedly famous popstar and has to finish his last year of school.


5. Harry's House.

We pull up at a very big house, Harry jumping out and holding the door for me, yet again. I follow him in and we both drop out bags at the door. Harry leads me into the kitchen and grabs some drinks, he then shows me around the massive house. My eyes are wide the whole time; none of the houses I have ever moved into have ever looked like this, or have been so big! Harry shows me upstairs and then all the other floors until I need the bathroom.

“And this is the master…” I cut him off, “Harry I need to pee!” I whine, grabbing his arm and shaking it. He chuckles to himself as he shows me where one of about twenty bathrooms are. I thank him and lock the door, once finished I unlock the door and swing it open. Harry is nowhere in sight, I retrace our steps back to where he was showing me a master bedroom but he wasn't even in there. I checked under the bed and all other possible hiding spots but he’s nowhere to be found. I wander down the long hall in and out rooms until I walk into a room with pool tables and other games along with about a hundred bean bags and a flat screen TV. There’s a black Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii along with the PlayStation 3 and other gaming controls. I look through his massive collection of movies and games when someone jumps on my back and covers my eyes with their hands,

“Boo!” It’s not Harry’s voice so that’s what causes me to perform my next actions. I shrug the person off my back and run for the door, screaming at the top of my lungs. I run down the hall, still screaming, until I run into a hard chest. It’s harder to run in these high shoes but I manage it. Thinking its Harry I clutch onto the person and jump up, wrapping my legs around their waist, their arms immediately wrap around me, supporting me so I don’t fall off of them. I scream into their chest, hiding my face in their shirt. The person rubs my back while I hear someone running up behind me, laughing their head off.

“Hayley? It’s ok, that was Louis being a jerk.” I hear Zayn’s voice in my ear, I peek out from his shirt, and damn he smells good. I see his honey eyes looking down at me, I immediately untangle myself from Zayn and apologise, he chuckles and gives me a warm hug, whispering that it’s okay. All the while Louis and Niall standing behind us laughing their heads off, I look around for Harry but he’s nowhere in sight, I spot Liam coming out of another room and standing in the doorway, shaking his head and glaring at Louis. Liam speaks to Louis privately, his handsome features angry. Louis nods and walks over to me, grinning and scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

“Eh sorry about that Hayley, I didn’t think you’d freak out.” I laugh and nod, “its okay Louis, I guess I just thought it was Harry here.” Liam looks up shocked. “Harry brought you here?” I nod and chuckle.

“Well I just really love One Direction and I’m their biggest fan and I thought that if I break into their house I’d meet them!” I say in a mock girly voice, sounding like the boys’ crazy fans. Louis and Niall crack up in laughter while Zayn chuckles and Liam shakes his head disapprovingly at the boys. I imitate Liam when he’s not looking which sends all of the boys laughing their heads off, Liam tears his gaze from Louis to me, wondering what has them laughing now. I shrug and turn around, walking head first into a hard chest but this time I know its Harry.

 I wrap my arms around his torso and bury my head in his chest, at first he’s shocked but then slowly wraps his arms protectively over me; his voice is slightly muffled by my hair. “Guys what did ye do to Hayley?” I hear Louis and Niall giggling, Harry sighs loudly and after ten minutes of Zayn and Liam explaining their little trick on me, Harry takes me away from them. He leads me back to the kitchen, the two of us walking alongside each other, Harry’s left arm draped protectively over my shoulder, his right arm stretching over to grab my hand and hold it. I sigh happily as we walk into the cool kitchen, I got kinda warm after Louis’ little episode of scaring me half to death. I guess I’m just warm because I was really embarrassed afterwards and my cheeks were tomato red. Speaking of tomatoes, don’t get the impression I like them because I can't stand the sight of them, never mind the taste.

Harry passes me a glass with something cold in it, I gladly accept it and drink it down before my tongue can even realise what it is. Harry turns to face me after putting the drink back in the fridge, his glass in hand and chuckles. “You drank it already?!” His voice is incredulous, but it wouldn’t surprise me, it was really warm up there. And besides, it’s early September and here we have hot weather from the summer until around the middle of September. I guess I should have worn lighter clothes but people’s voiced opinions about me usually have an effect on me. Harry hands me his glass.

“Here, it looks like you need it more than me!” I laugh and thank him before drinking down Harry’s drink as well, he laughs and I smile uneasily. Thoughts run through my mind on exactly why would he invite me back here? The door to the kitchen opens and I frantically move over to hide behind Harry. Harry chuckles and steps to the side, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “Don’t worry it’s just Zayn.”

Zayn grins and gives me the thumbs up before grabbing a clean glass and moving over to the fridge, I feel my uneasy smile grow into a genuine one as Zayn starts talking to Harry about how school has been. I don’t bother listening until Harry drags me in.

“Well how has it been really?” Zayn asks curiously before taking a sip of his refreshment. Harry shrugs before replying. “It’s been great with my little buddy here!” He replies before squeezing me tightly into his chest and ruffling my hair. Zayn gives us an unconvincing look before shrugging and replying sarcastically.

“Yeah, buddies.” Harry rolls his eyes and thumps Zayn playfully on the arm; Zayn turns to me with a devilish smirk playing on his lips. “So Hayley, what are you doing here?” I laugh before putting a hand on my hip and turning to Harry.

“Funny you asked that, what exactly am I doing here Harry?” Zayn and I stand beside each other to make it look like we’re ganging up on him, Harry’s cheeks grow an adorable shade of pink, he ruffles his curls before walking over to the kitchen door and opening it, he turns to me and beckons for me to come along. I bid goodbye to Zayn, I give him a hug and he kisses me on the cheek. Harry looks jealous and he closes the door and leads us down a few corridors and through many different doors before he opens the final one and opens his arms smiling widely. I raise an eyebrow at him; he suddenly sprints into the room and jumps into the air, landing flat out on the purple covers of the queen sized bed. I fold my arms and stand in the doorway, still having no clue what he means.

“Harry? What’s this?” Harry stops rolling around on the bed to look at me, giving me a look as if I have ten heads. “A bedroom.” He says in a matter of fact tone, I roll my eyes and walk over to sit on the bed next to him. “I know that silly but why are we in here.” I gesture around; he rolls over once more so he’s the closest he can get to me. “This is your room.” My eyes widen, he laughs at my expression before getting up and putting himself in a sitting position beside me so our arms are brushing.

I gawk at him. “Eh Harry, I’m not moving in!” He laughs and rolls his eyes, “Of course not! You’re staying for a sleepover!” I shake my head quickly. “But Harry! My mum won’t let me and it’s a school_” He cuts me off. “Tell her you’re staying at Ellen’s or whatever! But you’re staying here and that’s final!” I give in and nod, he jumps up in excitement. He then pretends to giggle like a nine year old before standing up, wrapping his arms around my body and throwing me over his shoulder before walking out the door. 

Look at you lucky ducks!!! Getting two updates in one day!!! Oh yeah comment what ye think??? :) The weather is so hot right now in Ireland ugh!!! And if ye can go on twitter and sign the petition for a meet and greet in Ireland cus we never had one and we never get one either!! Ugh it’s not fair!!! Xox :)

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