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Hayley never got or gets what she wants...she's not the Elena Gilbert or the Bella Swan. She doesn't get the prince in shining armour, even when she goes out of her way to get him. Until she moves school, where she meets a boy who is a supposedly famous popstar and has to finish his last year of school.


2. Four friends.

Hayley’s P.O.V:

Okay so maybe I freaked out but hey, I know one thing for sure. This Harry guy is no good for me and it’s a good thing I’m not pretty so he won’t want me. I get out of the class as fast as I can once the bell rings, I storm out into the corridor that’s quickly filling with students. I practically race to my friend, Ellen, who has a locker right across the hall from mine. I race into her and can’t stop so I end up running into her, both of us ending up in a mess on the floor. She chuckles but tries to portray an angry face.

“Hayley what the hell was that for?!” I shrug and giggle as she ruffles my now messy hair; we laugh and help each other up before Ellen returns to putting her books away. Her long, messy but wavy brown hair is the same as usual, messy. She has a thin red hairband holding back her hair from her face. I smile at her and she returns it, her teal-coloured eyes shining with joy. I smirk and check out what she’s wearing. Ellen has fashioned a white sleeveless sequin and lace top with a pair of skinny black leather pants. She has peach leather wedged strapped sandals on revealing her perfectly manicured toes making her a few inches taller than me. Her usual nerdy book-bag has been replaced by a fashionable brown leather bag; her outfit is completely different to her usual carelessness. As we walk to lunch, I spot a thin gold chain bracelet on her right wrist; it has a small cute ice-cream cone charm at the end of it.

“Yo! Earth to Hayley!” She clicks her fingers in front of my face, my eyes lead up her bare arm to her teal eyes that are happier than usual. Her makeup is less sloppy and looking professional, her face moulded into a smile. Her eyelids looking perfect with the smoky eye effect and her natural eyelashes covered by fake ones that look natural and pretty. I turn to her just as we’re pushing open the doors to the lunchroom, “Tell me Ellen, what you smiling ‘bout girl?”

As we sit at our usual table, Ellen eating away while trying to get me to eat, she finally confesses.

“Dylan asked me out.” My heart stung for a millisecond before my face stretched into a totally fake smile but because Ellen is so happy, I think she fell for it. You see, this cute guy in our year called Dylan is so cute and he isn’t popular like all those jerks that are jocks so that’s what makes him even more special. It kinda hurts that I told Ellen last year I had a crush on him and now she’s going out with him but it doesn’t stop me from asking the obvious question even though I clearly know the answer.

“What did you say?” She rolls her eyes and throws her hands up. “What do you think?” She asks me exasperatedly, I sigh and mentally roll my eyes. Okay so maybe I did tell her last time she asked that I don’t like him but I just didn’t want anyone to know, I’m about to reply when Dylan walks into the cafeteria, spots us and walks over before joining our table. Speaking of the devil, I think to myself as Ellen wraps her arms around him excitedly and giggles like a silly school-girl. Dylan grins and waves to me before Ellen cuts it.

“Hey babe!” Dylan kisses her cheek romantically and they start talking, I look around at other people enjoying their lunches, feeling nothing more than a third wheel. I sigh heavily, watching two girls giggling away and chatting, Ellen and I used to be like that until she got a boyfriend.  Note that I emphasized ‘used’, as in past tense. It happens every-time she gets a boyfriend, she invites me along the whole time like the third wheel that I am and then expects me to support her when she breaks up with the guy but I guess that’s what friends are for, right? Dylan clears his throat and smiles at me.

“Eh I hope you guys don’t mind but I invited one of my mates over here for lunch cus’ I figured Hayley would be lonely.” I smile in gratitude as Ellen aw’s and starts babbling on about how sweet he is, I roll my eyes and look away. Once I turn back again, Harry is sitting right beside me, Dylan smiles up at Harry and I and chuckles.

“Hayley this is Harry, mate, this is Hayley.” I see Harry smirk at the corner of my eye, he shakes my hand.

“I believe we’ve met.” Dylan nods and returns his previous conversation with Ellen while Harry tries to talk with me. “Sooo…I don’t know anything about you.”

“The same with you…” I laugh nervously and turn my face so he can’t see my blushing face. Harry chuckles as we start talking, I learn he comes from Holmes Chapel in England but his managers are making him finish his last year of school, he seems pretty upset and confused so I try my best to help.

“Like you said, it’s probably just cus’ you’re the youngest.” He looks up, hope shining in his eyes, “You think so?” I shrug and nod, grinning like the fool I am. He smiles and pulls me into a one-arm hug, ruffling my hair and pinching my cheeks like he’s my older brother, I always wish I had one. We talk for ages after, me explaining about constantly moving around. He pouts but keeps listening; he doesn’t interrupt me once like Ellen occasionally does.

“But if you only moved here recently…how are you and Ellen so close? It looks like ye have known each other for years!” I laugh, Ellen and Dylan stop talking at the mention of her name. I chuckle and reply,

“Aah I guess we’re so alike it’s crazy! I mean, she’s like the sister I wish I had and now that I found her, I don’t want to leave!” everyone either laughs or chuckles at me, I smile at Ellen who leans over the table and pulls me into a tight sisterly hug. She dramatically wipes away a fake tear, clutching her chest like a saint. We all sit and enjoy lunch, happy as could be. Who knew how long it would last.

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