The youtuber

Lesslie is a famous youtuber and she is a big One Direction fan. Her dream is to meet the boys. One day she's on her way to the beach to make a new video and she get in a car accident with a bus. When she wakes up she has no idea were she is or what's happening. All she can see is five boys stand around her. When she and one of the boys fall in they promise that they won't tell anyone. But someone else get jealous. Can the the secret being kept as a secret or does someone tells it to the world?


4. Waking up

Lesslie's pov.

''Were am I?'' I asked and looked right into the blond guy's eyes. ''Your at the hospital, but don't worry you're okay'' he said to me. It was so wierd, I think that I have seen these boys before. But I don't know were. ''Why am I here, nad who are you?'' I said confused. ''You came into a car accident with our bus, and I'm Harry'' the curly one said. ''I'm Zayn''. ''I'm Liam''. ''I'm Louis''. ''And I'm Niall''. I know that I have heard those name's before but I just can't put my finger on were. ''I've seen you before'' I suddenly said. ''Maybe becouse we are One Direction'' Louis said with a big smile on his face. I just stared at them. It can't be true. I've been a fan of them since the winter 2011, it can't be true. They all started to laugh at me, everyone exept Niall. He just looked into my eyes. He lookes so sad, but also thoughtful. What did he think of? The nurse came in and told the boys they had to go out for a moment so they could make some tests on me. 

Niall's pov.

They said we had to go out for a moment. But I didn't want to leave her. I wanted to hold her hand like that for forever. What was going on? Did I already like her? I'm relly confused right now. I released her hand and walked out with the lads. ''You like her, don't you?'' Louis say to me. ''I don't know'' I said and I saw the look Harry gave me. It was not a nice look. It was more of a 'you better don't like her' look. ''Aww, Nialler have fallen in love!'' Zayn say loud. ''No I haven't'' I quickly said. I turned around so I could see Lesslie in there with the doctor by her side. Why did we drive into her. She's so innocent. But why did that happend? ''Do you know why we drove into her car?'' I asked the lads. ''She had red light when she drove'' Harry said with that look again. I didn't answer him, I just turned around again. It was something special with her, but I don't know what it was. The doctor came out again and said we could go into her if we wanted to. I was the first one in the room. I got closer to her bed and grabbed her hand again. ''I'm so sorry for what happend to you'' I said. ''It's okay, I didn't get any big injury'' she told me and smiled. The smile, it was so gorgeous. I couldn't do something else than just smile back. 

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