How to make a good Fan fiction

Tips for writing a good fan fiction :)

Anyone can write a good book, but some people don't know how and just write the book as they go. (DONT DO THAT) I want you to read this book from beginning to end. And I guarantee you will have a good book that lots of people will enjoy reading.

I love fan fictions. I hate how there are barley any out there that are good anymore :(


4. What never to do in a fan fic

Okay, so you want you want to make a fan- fic? 

   What to never do in a fan fic!!!

   There are so many mistakes you can make in a fan fic its crazy. If you don't want that to happen to you I think its about time you fix it.

      When your writing a fan fiction dont spell wrong... It just makes your books un-professional and uneasy to read. When I read a book I do this thing called the 10 error. If the book makes 10 errors in the first chapter I stop reading. I know some of the mistakes were your fingers being stupid on the key board, but you have to understand that know one likes to read that mistake. If you have ever read a professional book that doesnt happen. In the first chapter I told you how to correct yourself. 

this is for the people who dont know how to use there I. When your writing a book the i are capital!!!! not lowercase. Sorry just had to point that out.

    Now these are the constant mistakes people keep making.
-Rushing into things "Hey mom can I go on tour with the boys" "sure honey" but hasn't met these boys.) look thats not even the worst. Girl dates boy like a few days after she meets him. Girl pregnant after a week of meeting him. Girl is engaged after a few weeks of knowing him. Look all Im saying is time it out. Be realistic!!!

-Spelling WrOnG!!! Lol omg ttyl btw... Please just don't! And don't start using nicknames for the boys when you have just met them o.O thats just rushing things again.   

-over board characteristics... Just stop it... Please.... And I know you know what I mean.
I know you might think this is just hilarious but... It isn't... Its just really really really annoying.

Getting board with your fan fic. I know this happens with regular books too. Sometimes the book gets boring. When your not into your book we wont ether. So please try to keep it alive.

Just remember: All of the boys cant be in love with you :| I know we want that... But seriously keep dreaming...


Next chapter-> How to get a original idea

Read this book for more examples on what I mean: Dumb fan fiction moments

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