How to make a good Fan fiction

Tips for writing a good fan fiction :)

Anyone can write a good book, but some people don't know how and just write the book as they go. (DONT DO THAT) I want you to read this book from beginning to end. And I guarantee you will have a good book that lots of people will enjoy reading.

I love fan fictions. I hate how there are barley any out there that are good anymore :(


3. Catch the readers attention

Okay, so you want to make a fan fiction? 

    How to catch the readers attention!
How on earth to you expect someone to want to read your book if it doesn't catch the readers attention? You need to make your book BEAUTIFUL!!!! So in order to do that you need to follow these steps:

-Make a book cover:  You should have an awesome book cover thats going to catch the readers attention. It should be colourful and stick out from all the other books. Do not!!! Under any circumstance leave your book cover blank. Are you kidding me?!?! If your too lazy to even make a book cover, Think how lazy the insides going to be. The book cover needs to tell the story itself. And please don't use the ones on Movellas that are already given out to you! so many people use it and that is not going to make it stick out. Also make sure you have a good editor. I usually use this app on my iPad called  insta collage pro. Its not meant to be a book cover editor, but I use it as one.

-book name: Don't use a name that has been used 9000000 times. Heres an example of one. Forever young. Please don't use that!

-Description: This is really important! Make sure the description is very well worded and sucks the reader in.

-First chapter: The first chapter has to be AwEsOmE!!! You want the reader to be interested. Here is an example of what not to do...

I take a seat in Starbucks. I think I'm going to get tea. I stand up to go and get my order. "How may I help you" the Starbucks dude smiles at me.

Please don't :( every fan fic starts in Starbucks. Be original throughout your whole book. Don't copy others ideas. 

Next chapter-> what never to do in a fan fic

Good fan fiction to read to get you inspired: foolishly completely fallen

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