The ONe and Only

Julie is A girl with a weird Blood line she is a Fairy Goddess and she is living on earth Her father is Zeus and her mother is Queen of the Fairy's Juno .And she is a big Fan of One Direction what happened when her friend Skyler takes her to a concert and Harry and all the boys fall for her what will happen when her father comes to her she can do all of the Gods and Goddess Powers and she is the Queen her step-mother Hera loves her and blesses her the Tiger and Wolf what happens when she falls for one of the guys in One D??. Julie Jane HaertLace she has Blound hair with Brown high lights she has Sky Blue eyes and has a few freckle's on her nose she is very Beautiful and no one cant say she cant sing since she is a Goddess and Fairy she can do a lot more but she only has one thing left after her mom Died a necklace was left it has a wing and Lighting on it entwined...........Love yay


5. A/N

Hey everyone I am looking for a co author and I qwould love Love Love one of you two help with one of my miny books ......Love Lil

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