Forever True Love

Kaillym is a 19 year old artist working at "All Visual Arts". One day she takes her friends, Jordyn and Kaitlyn to the secret gardens, where all the best celebs go, and meet a very unexpected visitor.
*read more to find out who it is*


3. Kaitlyns POV

We decided to stay at my place since it was closest and it was 10. Jordyn and Kaillym were sleeping on the couch. and I was upstairs, but not sleeping! I was getting all pretty for my date with Liam! I was wearing a white, short sleeveless dress with a blue tint, with dangling earrings and my wavy blond hair completed the look(I had waved my hair its naturally straight). Just as I finished waving my hair, my phone buzzed. Liam was texting me! He was waiting outside. I grabbed my toe-less heels and tiptoed downstairs past the girls. When I got out, Liam looked up from the ground and stared at me "Is it to much? Should I change?" I asked slightly stepping back towards the door but I guess it was kinda a stupid question seeming how he was in wearing a black tucks. "NO! Urr I mean no. You look beautiful!" he said in a sweet voice. I smiled and walked up to his car. He opened the door and I slid in. "So where are we going?" I asked acting all cute. "Somewhere." He replied with a smile. I rolled my eyes and smiled. Eventually, we came to the foot of a hill. "Be right back." Liam said running up the hill. I sat there waiting for about 5 minutes and then Liam came down the hill. "Close your eyes." I got out of the car and closed my eyes and he slowly guided me up the hill. When we got to the top, I opened my eyes and there was a candle lit picnic under a cherry blossom tree. We ate and then gazed up at the stars. "Look! A shooting star!" He said making a wish soon after. "What did you wish?" I asked. "If I tell you it won't come true." Liam said staring at me. I smiled thinking of what he might of wished for. We finished star gazing and packed up. He drove me home and walked me into the house, but when we got inside, Kaillym and Kaitlyn they were gone!


Oooooooh where could they be?? You'll have to keep reding through my next few chapters to find out. Hope you like it😉

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