Maybe Being Wrong Is A Good Thing

All Rachel wanted was to be loved. Yeah she had her two best friends Alex and Maleah but she wanted a guy to love her. To love her for her and not to have to change for them. One day she somehow meets her favorite boy band One Direction in the weirdest way. Rachel loved them but had NO intention of falling for one of them. Dating a star would be to stressful and she was sure they would be stuck up. But.....maybe she was wrong.


18. Gummy Bears

Maleah's POV


Ok. I looked in my reflection. I had on sweatpants with them rolled up a bit at the top because they were to big, a tank top, and my favorite fuzzy slippers. I had my hair up in a high ponytail. I looked ready for the movie night. I sighed. I didn't like the way I looked though. I don't know why. I just don't find myself at all pretty.


I looked down at the scars on my wrists and my eyes widened when I realized. I couldn't let the guys see me like this. Rachel and Alex knew, but I didn't want the boys to the scars. Especially Niall. I had been thinking about telling him, but I didn't want him to think I was a weird freak for doing that. I had a feeling he wouldn't though at the same time. I don't know. Maybe if I get to know him better. 


Rachel then walked over and saw me running my fingers over my scars and she hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back. Tears started to fall. "I'm fine," I said before she could say anything. "Really." She smiled sadly to me. "Are you sure?" she said. I nodded. I then grabbed my TobyMac hoodie from my suitcase. I decided not because it was a high lighter color. Literally. It was like the ultimate glow in the dark jacket. I then grabbed a pink Hollister one instead and slipped it over my head. 


"I think you should tell him. I honestly think he will care." Rachel said. I sighed. "No, he will think I'm weird. I mean he's like a flawless angel who just think that was plain weird." Rachel sighed. "Do you not remember when Niall used to get all that hate from a lot of 'Directioners' and managment?" I nodded. "I'm pretty sure he did too at that time." I rolled my eyes. "He did not." I said. She just shrugged. "I think you should talk to him." I looked at her.


"Maybe your'e right. But I just don't know if I feel comfortable talking to him about that." I said quickly, avoiding her gaze. Just them Alex walked out of the bathroom in yoga pants and a t-shirt from our previous middle school. A towel was wrapped around her head and she looked quite funny. Of course Rachel and I made fun or her for a minute, and then she stuck her tongue out at us and quickly brushed it and put in a ponytail. I was so excited. Hopefully I would get one of those comforting Horan Hugs.



Rachel's POV


Ok, blue Aeropostale shorts: check. Non-matching hot pink tank top: check. Cute slipper boots: check. Hair in a messy bun: check. I knew we didn't need snacks because I knew the boys would have plenty. 


All three of us each grabbed a couple pillows and a blanket. We had planned to make a big bed and just get comfortable and watch movies. The boys somehow had netflix on their TV in their room. I guess that was another plus to being them. We then headed out the door. This was going to be interesting. 



Alex's POV


"Ok, on the count of three," Rachel said. "One, two, three!" Then all three of us knocked as loud as we could and I shouted, "LET US IN YOU PEASANTS!" And then Rachel was like, "HURRY UP YOU WEIRDOS!" And then Maleah was like "OPE-" and then someone opened the door quickly and all three of us fell into the room. It didn't hurt though because we fell on our pillows. We were giggling uncontrollably. We then looked up as those five incredibly cute European boys looked down at us.


"Excuse me ladies, but you don't belong here." Louis said in his American accent, but also in a very deep voice. "Yeah this is the NIALL SHOW!" Niall said in his announcer voice. I laughed. "Oh shut up guys." There mouths dropped. "Well then!" Zayn said. "I guess you don't want any of our triple chocolate ice cream with cookie dough." My eyes widened. "You know how to bribe a girl don't ya Malik," I said as the boys helped us up. "Eh, a bit." he said with that charming smile. I smiled back. How did I end up here?



Rachel's POV


As we all settled in with our pillows, blankets, and had worked out a system for passing food, we decided to choose the first movie.


I was sharing a big pillow that Harry had brought with him. My head wasn't on his shoulder yet, because we were all eating and talking right now, but I knew it was coming. I shivered. It was freezing in here. I felt Harry scoot closer to me. "Are you cold babe?" he asked, but he had a trace of a smile in his eyes. I looked at him suspiciously. "Yes..." I said. "Actually freezing." He smiled and whispered into my ear. "I wanted it to be, so we could have a proper cuddle during the movie." And he winked. I blushed and then sat back so I was facing him. I grabbed a gummy bear and said, "Wanna play gummy bear basketball?" I said with a smile. He brightened. "No question! Yeah!" he said excitedly. 


He then looked around. "I don't think we have any cups." he said sadly. I smiled. "Open up." I said getting ready to throw one. He laughed. "Okay!" and he opened his mouth. This was to easy. I aimed. For his nose, eye, forehead. Wherever wasn't his mouth. I threw, and hit him right in the middle of his forehead! 


He gasped. I giggled. Knowing that look. I got up and tried to run, well somewhere we were all so cluttered on our pillows, blankets, and cushions. But he was too quick. He grabbed my waist and pulled me down where I was basically laying in his lap. I giggled even more. He tried to make a serious face. "That wasn't my mouth." he said. "I know. That was your forehead," and I reached up and tapped his forehead. "Boop." I said quietly. I saw the corners of his mouth twitch up. I smiled. He then said, "That was very naughty young lady." I giggled again. "And...." I said. His eyebrows raised. "I do't like your tude young lady." he said. I started to laugh harder. "Tude? Sounds like dude, but with a T." I said. I knew what was coming, so I just kept laughing. "THAT'S IT!" he yelled. And he sat up and I rolled to the ground and he dug his thumbs into my sides. I screamed from laughter and tried to wriggle out of his grip, but once again he was to strong. I could hear everybody laughing, but I could barely think straight. I was now crying I was laughing so hard. 


He then got on top of me and looked down at me and stopped tickling me. "Say your sorry!" he said. "NO!" I said which was a mistake. Round 2. After that was over, he got on top of me again. "What about now?" he said. "FINE!" I said. "I'M SORRY!" He smiled. "There's one more you have to do. Feed me a gummy bear properly." He said. I rolled my eyes. "Fine, your royal highness." I said and grabbed one from the bag next to me and put it in his mouth. "Thank you." he said and got off of me. I sat up and fake glared at him. He just laughed and ate some more gummy bears.   






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