Stand By Me- An Alternate ending

Fanfic of stand by me contains language.


1. Sadness

Gordie groaned as Vern pressed his wet lips into the crook of his chubby arm. "Braaaappppp!"

"Vern! Come on, man. I'm trying to eat these sandwiches that my mom brought up to us!" Gordie groaned.

Chris Chambers rolled his eyes and leaned back against the side of the clubhouse. This was a great fort. Him and the boys had spent most of the previous summer constructing this rickety little establishment of youthhood and mandom. It was cool. They had only recently decided to let Vern in.

"Guys, my dad let me borrow this 9mm gun." Whispered Teddy.

"Whoa, shit!" exclaimed Gordie. "That's a gun, I think it's real! I want to know if it shoots!"

Vern let out another fart noise, only this time, for real. He was scared. Real scared.

Gordie glanced over at Chris and raised his eyebrows. Chris Chambers did not care about guns. Chris only cared about fucking. That's what was on his mind tonight and that's what he would get. He stuck out his tongue and did the pantomime of imaginary jerking off. Gordie got the message.

"Hey guys, umm…uh, I, er…well I think you should just fucking leave." Mumbled Gordie.

"Aww man!" the other boys yelled. Chris did not stand for this type of bullshit. He decided to make a dead body of his own, that night. They had already seen a real one last summer. Now it was time for another. He still wanted sex, and he needed to see some blood. "Two birds with one stone…" He thought out loud.

"Hey let me see that gun, DuChamp," he demanded, holding out his withered hand. Corey obliged and handed over the rusted firearm. "Looks cool. I want to try to shoot some bullets out of this fucking gun." He pointed the gun at Teddy and shot him between the eyes. There was a loud pop, then only the sound of crickets and sweating kids. Teddy had died just then.

"You guys ever seen a dead body? …Again?"

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