Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


6. Meeting Suicidal Fans

Ariana's POV

Today I am meting suicidal fans... I think this really matters! I mean they can't end their story right when it's started!!!! I told Luke and he was happy with me going. I took a shower and put on my tank top that says 'My voice isn't heard' With my tall brown heel boots and white jeans. I let my curls hang down.

"Okay well I'm leaving! I'll be home after dinner!" I said as I kissed Ava and Luke. On the way to the fan meet I realized that I was once like them!

When I arrived at the meet all the sad faces turned into happy faces!

"Hi everyone! Thank you for coming today!" I smiled "So how many of you cut and lets be honest!" I raised my hand.

"Well when I was younger I use to cut cause I would be compared to my sister a lot! People called me names and just hated me! One day I got a text from my crush telling me I should die... So that night I overdosed.. Perrie was a bit suicidal but not as much as I was... Soon my phone was blown up by texts.. Not any texts but hateful texts.. I cut the word 'Perfection' on my arm and you can still kinda see it! When my father died and my mom started drugs I just started to cut even more! It was a hard time in my life... I was abused by mom until she died. When my Mom died I was really depressed but not as depressed as I was when my father died.. Perrie and Zayn taught me that life will get better and that I can make it in life.. Guys life will get better! I promise!!!" I cried out "I'll be talking to all of you!" I said as I walked off the stage. I met this one fan named Rose...

"Hi" She said sadly

"Hi. How old are you?" I asked her

"13.." She replied

"Why do you cut and stuff?"

"Well I'm bullied a lot and I always get called fat and worthless... I use to have best friends but I lost them because they took a picture of me and it wasn't a normal one.. You know what I'm saying.. They sent it to everyone... Even teachers...I was mortified I couldn't believe it!!! I cry myself to sleep every night and cut..." She cried. I hugged her and held her close

"Baby it will get better! I promise!" I cried. The next fan I met was Amanda Todd..

"Hi" Amanda said

"Hi!" I smiled

"Why do you cut and stuff?" I asked

"Well I used to go on webcam and stuff with friends and I got called Beautiful and Pretty... But one day a man asked me to flash.. But I didn't... A year later I did... He didn't send it to anyone... Then one morning the cops came at 4:00AM... I was upset... The man had sent it to my whole school friends and all.. Everyone hated me so I moved... Then I started talking to an old guy friend of mine... He said he liked me... But he lead me on.. He had a girlfriend.. One day he told me to go over... At school his girlfriend and himself circled around me with atleast 50 people (Most of my school) Some one yelled punch her already and they did... That night IO hid in a ditch and my Dad found me. Later that night I drank bleach... The next day I ended up in the hospital...I got into drugs... I overdosed but I still wouldn't die.. I still cut and overdose but I'm here..." She cried. I hugged her and handed her my number.

"Stay Strong!!!" I cried. Who would do that to her....

After I met all of my fans I went home in tears...

"Babe what happened?" Luke asked.. I told him everything and him and Ava hugged me... WHo would do that?


This chapter is in loving memory of Amanda Todd! I love you baby!!! I know she died a long time ago but I wanted to make this chapter now to show even though it's been a long time since she died I still care! Comment below if you cut or are suicidal or overdose or anything like that! DONT BE SHY!!!!! I'll even confess! Stay strong for all you cutters! Life DOES get better!!! If you need help I have kik or email! I'll be here!!!

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