Perrie's little Teenager

This is a sequel to 'Perrie's Little Sister' Please read Perrie's Little Sister first so you're not confused! So what happens when Ariana's perfect world turns upside down? This is a story of just her life


51. Christmas

Ariana's POV

"MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!" Ava screamed

"AVA AVA AVA!!!" I laughed


"Okay!" I yelled chasing after Ava

"Morning Ava!" Andrew smiled 

"MORNING PAPA!!!" Ava squealed 

"Morning Ariana" Andrew laughed

"Morning Andrew" I smiled. 

"Mommy I got get-" Ava was cut off by Luke scaring her

"AHHH DADDY!!!" She giggled

"Ready for presents?" I asked Ava


"OKAY!" I smiled. I handed her the twins presents and she opened them up faster than a cheetah runs! She was excited!!!!

"WOAHHHHH!" She squealed as she looked at the twins new rocking horse (Luke's Pick) But it's not a horse! No!!! It's a penguin!! I rocking penguin!!!!!

"Here Ava!" Andrew smiled and handed her a present. She opened it up and it was a Merida doll!

"WOWWW THANK OU GRAMPA!!!" She yelled and hugged the doll

"Here Ariana" Luke smiled and handed me a small present. I looked at him and opened it. But there was a card:

Dear My Lovely wife,

I love you with my whole entire heart! I wouldn't trade you for the world! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! You're an amazing mother, You actually care and you love me no matter how many stupid things I do! And I do a lot!!! I'm sorry I messed up a lot! But I will always love you no matter what! I promise! I got this present for you to cuddle whenever your sad while I'm on tour or lonely or you just miss me! Just no snuggling it while I'm here! I will alway love you! Remember,

     Forever and always,

           Luke Hemmings 

  P.S You're not my wife your my soul mate! <3

I looked up at Luke

"Forever and always!" I cried and hugged him

"Now open the present!" He demanded 

"okay!" I laughed and opened it! It was a little penguin with big blue eyes!

"Awhhh LUKE!" I cried

"You like it?' He asked 

"No!" " I LOVE IT!!!" I smiled when his face lit up.

After more than an hour of presents Perrie wanted to do makeovers with Ava Marcy and I. But I called over Jade and Jesy and Leigh and the kids!

"Who's first?" Jade asked

"ARIANA!!" Perrie yelled

"NOOOOOOO" I screamed. But they put me in a chair and curled my hair. Then they put on a beanie that is white. Perrie handed me a beautiful red long sleeve dress. It was stunning!! I put on black tights with heels. Then the dress. Great! I'm gonna ruin it! I put it on and I admit i looked okay.. I mean if I didn't have three babies and eat a lot! I walked out and showed everyone!

"WOW!!" They all gasped. Now it was Jades turn. We curled her hair. Again. I gave her a light pink dress with gold sparkly heels and a star necklace. We added a white cardigan and she looked STUNNING! Her hair and her dress just was WOW!

Perrie put on a strapless red dress which flows and suits her perfectly! I put a jacket on her and she added rings and sparkly sliver heels. She just looked the best. Her hair was curled to the side! Her eyes shined! My sister is absolutely no doubt the prettiest girl in the world!!!

Jesy has a white dress with a red bow. She put on red heels to make her even taller! Leigh has and green and black  strapless dress with a cool design. I put a little cardigan jacket thingy on her! Her hair was in a side ponytail.  All the girls looked amazing! I looked fat compared to them. But hey I'm not perfect!

Luke's POV

"How long does it take girls to get ready?" Liam asked

"Ariana and Perrie take like more than three hours..." Zayn rolled his eyes. The I heard heels.  I saw Ariana walk down the stairs.  She was stunning! She thinks she's super ugly cause she had three kids but she's not!

"Time for dinner!" My mom called and we all marched to dinner 


Hey guys im sorry for not updating in a while! I will update soon!


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