Look After You- The Sequel

Kari is now living with the Tomlinson's. She couldn't be happier. As her new life and love now grows she still and will always struggle with her being blind. But being blind is the least of her problems. She has new struggles. With friends, love and her new life. Sad and both happy, Louis and her are strong but as she faces her new battle will it tear them both apart? Or will they be stronger and never leave each other? But the biggest question is will she ever see again? Find out in Look After You- The Sequel.


8. Promise...*17+

Kari's P.O.V.

"Stop it!!" I giggled.

But he wouldn't his lips reattached to my neck, his short beard grazed my jaw. I felt where his head was and pushed it off. "I said not in public." I reminded him.

"No ones looking anyway." He chuckled.

"I came for dinner babe not to used as a lollipop." I told him. He laughed and took his lips off my neck.

"Fine, have it your way." He said. Today Lou and I were out to a special dinner he planned for me. I knew it would be something I would like if I could see it. I felt the cool breeze whip my hair back. Now that I did have this disability for quite a while I learned to savor every little moment of life. "The view beautiful love. You can see right across the ocean. Sun is setting." He told he. I pictured it all in my head. The amazing summer day. The cool breeze. Of course I wanted to see it but I found using my imagination more...bright.

"What do you get if you win?" I asked him.

"Win what?" He said putting his arm around me kissing my cheek.

"If you win the soccer game. What would you win?" I could tell he was thinking on whether to tell me or not.

"75 hundred dollars." He said quickly. I gasped. that much money? Just add another 25 hundred you would have 100 thousand dollars.

"You never told me." I said trying to face him. He brought my chin up until I could feel his soft lips on mine. I pulled away after the first peck. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked him. He sighed and sat up as I did.

"I just didn't like it was a big deal." He said.

"Of course its a big deal. Lou do you understand how much money that is?" I told him. I of course couldn't see his reaction but I was hoping it was something good. I found his shoulder and rested my head on it. He wrapped his arms around me. We sat there enjoying the breeze and each others company. I thought about the money. And how good this was for Lou. But why didn't he find it swell. "What would you do with the money, if you won?"

"You really wanna know?" He said to me. I nodded. "You sure you wanna find out this early."

"Positive." I told him impatiently.

"Well, I..." He trailed off. I waited for a response. "I was um..."


"Sorry." He said. "Well I was going to ask you to marry me." He said. I sat up in shock. The words rang through my head but I didn't think it was true. I didn't, I couldn't, I wouldn't believe he said it.

"What?" I asked him making him repeat.

"Kari Jay I love you. You know that." He took my hand. "I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. You mean so much to me. That I couldn't help but think of what I've been wanting to ask you for the longest time when you asked about the money." He said. I tried to speak but all that came out was a stutter. "Kari?" He said kissing my knuckles. I turned to what seemed to be toward him.

"Yes?" I whispered.

"Will you be my wife?" He asked.

"...What better man is out there for me than you?" I said softly. I could sense his happiness. He picked me up and spun me around. I laughed as he did. He soon set me down and smashed his lips into mine. A kiss. Like no other. He pulled away catching his breath fingers still on my cheeks.

"I didn't think you would say yes." He said out of breath.

"How could I say no." I told him. Happy tears streamed down my face. He wiped them and kissed me again, and again, and again.

Once done with our session we sat down happy and full of joy.

"Now all I guess there is to do is to get you that ring." He said holding me. I chuckled.

"Even if you don't win the money. I don't need a ring. Just being yours is all I want."

"But you need it don't you?" He asked.

"Your all I need." I said to him. He kissed my cheek.

"I love you."

"I love you too." I replied. "So just between you and me..."

"Yeah?" He asked nervously.

"You need a shave." I said laughing. A throaty laugh left his lips.

"I do not! If you could see me you would think its hot." He whispered in my ear. Butterflies arose in my stomach as he spoke the last sentence.  "You get turned on every second if you saw me." He whispered more.

"Mm, stop it." I said blushing. He giggled and picked me up bridal style.

"Now its getting late and I need to wake up early in the morning." He said. I shook my head and rested it in his chest.



"Do we tell anyone about the engagement?" I asked.

"Well lets keep it between us until now. And when the time comes will tell them. Cause I want that ring on your finger when we break the news." I groaned and continued to rest in his chest. I couldn't help but not smile. This is what I've always wanted. Memories were placed in my head about my parents. How they told me I would never succeed at anything. And most of all that I would never be loved or find love. But look at everything I have. Everyone I have. Life isn't terrible for me it was good, you know its not good, its perfect.

I heard him open the hotel door and quickly put us in our room locking it quickly. He put me on the bed and told me not to move. I did so and waited I could hear him closing the blinds and shutting the lights off.

"What are you doing." I asked smiling. I could hear his footsteps through out our room.

"Making sure its private." He said seductively. I knew just what he wanted.

"You know its not our honeymoon night yet right?" I asked him joking. I felt him get on top of me.

"Not my fault I cant help myself." He whispered lowing his lips to my ear. He sucked sweetly but not to rough just the way I liked it.

"B-But what if someone, y-you know hears us."

"You mean hears you." He reminded me. I smacked his shoulder playfully. "Then I guess you stay quiet right?" He spoke smoothly. I couldn't fight back. He was too smooth and I couldn't help but not want to do it too. Lou and I never thought of it as having "sex" we thought of it as making love. Cause all of it was Love. Pure, perfect love. I remembered the last time we did it. About a year in a half ago in their vacation house. Before all of this. I was happy and nervous but I knew Lou and I would come through. We always have.


Louie smashed his lips on mine. Are lips were tangled in each other. Just like before.

"Keep smashing your lips into mine that hard they're gonna fall off." I said out breathless. He laughed and reattached them. My hands roamed his back and his hands tugged on my legs putting them around his waist. He squeezed my thigh at every kiss.

I pulled on his shirt till if fell off his body. I roamed my hands over his stomach.

"Very, firm." I whispered in his ear nipping at the lobe. He chuckled and brought me higher up the bed until I felt my head hit a pillow and the top touch the head board. I could feel this fingers fumbling with the zipper of my shorts.

"Little help?" I asked.

Louis' P.O.V.

I laughed at her suggestion. I took her hands and placed it on her shorts. I watching her feel over for the zipper. She pulled the zipper down slowly as my mouth watered for her. I pushed her hands off and pulled her pants down.

"Lou?" She whispered.


"Please." She begged. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed with frustration her hands resting on my stomach. I came up and kissed over her nose. She smiled a cheeky smile.

"I'll take care of you." I assured her. She nodded quickly. I could tell she was in a rush. So was I but I wanted her to wait. I wanted to see her reaction. Slowly I lifted her shirt up reveling her white bra. I kissed over her soft mounds. She sighed heavily. 

"Lou, come on" She panted.

"Ok." She was rushing things again. She was being desperate but I didn't mind. It just made me feel special and happy knowing that she wanted me. I removed my belt slowly then unbuttoning the pants. I whipped them off and sat up on her while she sunk into the bed. She felt over her stomach to the line of her knickers slowly tugging them down. I put my hands on hers stopping her.

"Hey?" I whispered. She turned her head to the side eyes still closed. "I'll be in charge." I whispered. She gave a small whine. But I'll give her what she wanted.

I tugged her knickers down quick and mind. I heard her softly moan was she felt hers come off. But right before I entered she stopped me.

"We-We aren't married yet. I-I um think...we should use." I forgot all about protection. I didn't know if I had any.

"Let me check if I got any." I stood up and turned on the lamp and searched in my bag for a rubber. I opened a small pocket of my suitcase and the small package came into view. I smiled taking it in my hand. "Something told me we were gonna do this." I said to her. I looked back at her. She laid there tugging on a strand of hair with a small smirk on her face.

"Good now hurry up and get over here." She said with a smile. I quickly ran to the bed and straggled her legs. I spread them apart slowly. God she was perfect. The most perfect girl I have ever seen. She was my beauty and I wanted her all. And I'm so happy I was going to get it. I ripped the plastic with my teeth and slowly put the rubber on. I lined up with her entrance. Her hand down my hand and squeezed it lightly encouraging me to proceed. And with that I slowly pressed in. She took a large breath in. I immediately got on top of her when she did. She panted and panted I could sense she was feeling pain by her facial expression. She took her bottom lip in her teeth and bit down on it hard.

"Baby." I said quietly.

"Mm." She tilted her head.

"I know it hurts. Come on you just need to wait a little ok?" I told her. She nodded. I never liked seeing her in pain. Especially when something pleasurable was about to come.

"I-Its ju-st been a w-while, I-I..."

"Shh." I cut her off. She nodded and laid her head back. Slowly I pulled and pushed, in and out. She breathed out heavy every time I would push in. I felt instant pleasure throughout my body. My arms getting shaky and low moans escaped my lips.

Soon after a few minutes of going back and forth her arms wrapped around my neck and she moaned softy. "Better?" I asked her. With out a doubt she nodded fast. I kept going. Her nails sinking into my skin. That would always make me loose it but I couldn't be loud. I knew someone would hear us. I could see how hard It was for her to be quiet. I knew she couldn't help it. I went in harder. She panted out my name as I groaned low. I held her hips with one hand in with the other hand I covered her mouth. She moaned in my hand the over-whelming pleasure ran through her body. She bit hard in the palm of my hand.

"Kari," I whispered out of breath. She couldn't help it she shouted loudly into my hand. Thankfully I was only close enough to hear it. I went harder the bed frame hitting the wall. The bed squeaking with every thrust. She shook her head letting me know she was close. I rammed in fast making me start to feel that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. It grew as time went on.

Kari hit the bed with her fist. I knew if it went on any longer she would let go. "Just let go." I panted out. She took a heavy sigh and moaned loudly and soon she came. I road her though it. My arms and legs turned weak and soon, while biting down my bottom lip trying not to let the moans escape I soon came also. Slowly my eyes started to close and soon I fell by her side. Us both out of breath, but filled with love.


She kissed over my arm which laid wrapped around her from behind. I rested my head on her warm neck. We were bother very tired after what happened just moments before. I covered her up more with the sheet.

"I love you. You know that right?" She asked. I chuckled and planed my head on her shoulder.

"I'll always remember." I replied. She nodded and closed her eyes. "Kari?" I asked her. She flinched. I smiled. I loved seeing her reactions. Since she couldn't see herself she didn't know how funny or beautiful her expressions were.

"Yes?" She asked. I took her hand in mine holding it tight.

"Lets make a promise." I said. She smiled and nodded. I placed my lips at her ear. "You promise to love me forever, and I'll promise something."

"I'll  always love you forever." She said taking our intertwined hands and bringing them to her lips. "Now what do you promise?"

I waited before telling her. I hope she would be happy. I wanted her to be.



"I promise, that before we get married...You Will Be Able To See Again."










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