Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


84. Skype Call!

Ariana's POV

I was playing with Ava on her little mat when I got a skype call! IT WAS LUKE AND ZAYN!!
"HIIII!" I yelled

"Hiiii!" Luke yelled

"DADDY!!!!" Marcy yelled running toward the big screen tv that was hooked up to my laptop.

"Hi baby!" Zayn said

"MOMMY DADDY IS ON TV!!!" Marcy yelled. Man she's talkative for a 1 year old!

"Hey guys!" Perrie waved. Then Ava started to cry.

"Awh is my baby crying?" Luke said while looking sad. I nodded and laughed.

"I WANNA SEE HER!!!" Zayn yelled

"OKAY!!!!" I yelled back. I held up Ava and she smiled.

"Hi Sweetie!" Luke smiled

"Perrie can you get her a diaper?" I asked making puppy dog eyes. She huffed and got up.

"Daddy where are you?" Marcy asked

"Ireland!" Zayn replied. Perrie came back with the diaper and sat down. I quickly changed Ava's diaper than lifted her back up.

"PERRIE ARIANA!!!!" Calum yelled

"Hey buddy how was your night?" Zayn winked. Perrie and I looked at each other and burst out laughing!

"Ow Ava don't pull Mommy's hair!" I laughed

"KEEP DOING IT AVA!" Luke yelled and I just glared at him.

"Marcy tell Daddy what you did yesterday and are going to do later!" Perrie said

"SWIMMING!!!" She yelled

"WOW Did you swim?" Zayn asked

"No but Mommy is teaching me!" She smiled

"Did Ava go in?" Zayn asked

"Yes" Marcy replied

"Did she like it?" Luke asked

"Yeah she she she splashed me and auntie!" Marcy giggled

"Why are you guys in your Pj's?" Luke asked

"We just woke up Luke!" Perrie said

"Actually you JUST woke up and I woke up at like 5 with Marcy and Ava!" I said being all sassy

"BOOBEAR!!!" Marcy yelled

"HIII MARCY!" Louis yelled in the back round

"Mommy I going to dress!" Marcy said running upstairs.

"Wow she talks a lot like her mother!" Zayn winked. Luke and I just laughed at Perrie's face! Marcy cam down in a little pink dress

"Oh yeah we have a fancy dinner tonight.." Perrie rolled her eyes when she told me

"Oh Why?" I asked

"I DON'T KNOW!" She said like a drama queen

"We have to go get ready byee Love you talk to you tomorrow!" Perrie said

"BYE!" Call ended.

"LETS GET READY!" Perrie yelled

"Perrie it's only 1:00.." I replied

"Us getting ready plus A 2 HOUR DRIVE MEANS LETS GO!" Perrie yelled. I ran upstairs and took a quick shower. Then I put makeup on. I curled my hair to make it EXTRA curly. Then I put on a strapless dress that is tight and has flowers that are pink and blue. I put on skin color heels with a strap. I put a little bead head band thing on that is pink with a bow. I put on my gold charm bracelet that Luke got me and my diamond ring.  I put a little white dress with flowers on it on Ava with white tights and little pink shoes.  Perrie had put her hair up in a ponytail. She had a nice yellow dress with a black belt and black heels! Marcy was wearing a blue dress and the top half was shaped like flowers and the bottom wasn't.

"Ready?" Perrie asked

"Yeah!" I replied. We took a picture of us and sent it to Zayn and Luke.

"LETS GO MOMMY!" Marcy yelled

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