Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


5. Puppy **edited**

Arianas POV

Tonight we are out to a party for leigh-Anne's birthday!!! I put on a grey dress with a puffy bottom and a light pink bow on it. My hair was curly and I pinned it to the side of my head! Perrie was wearing her white top and yelled skirt with her hair up.Jesy wore a flowery dress with her hair down and Jade wore her blue poka dot dress with a bow and her blue hair down.


Once we got to the party Leigh brought me a present!

"It's not my birthday" I said confused.

"Well it's to say thank you for teaching me how to dance better!" She smiled. I opened the present and it was a jack-a-

"Oh my gosh! Leigh!" I yelled almost in tears.

"You're welcome babe" I hugged Leigh and held my puppy for the rest of the night! I wanted to name her Roxy! After the party I ran home and showed Zayn my puppy!

"Someone is a little excited about Roxy!" He chuckled

"Yeah I am!" I said with attitude. Zayn scooped me and Roxy up and put us in bed!

"Zayn I'm not tired!" I stated yawning.

"If Perrie and I stay with you and Roxy will you sleep?" Zayn asked amused.

"Yes Zaynie poo"

"Haha Alright"

After a few minutes of waiting Perrie and Zayn walked and climbed into my king sized bed. I then passed out after them singing to me for five minutes.

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