Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


63. Millie

Ariana's POV

I miss Millie...  So I told Leigh I would pick her up and spend the day with her. Luke also begged to tag along... I took a quick shower put on my blue with white hearts on sweater shirt thing. Its nice and loose. I put on black tight pants with grey zip up heels.Luke wore a plaid shirt and jeans.I grabbed my keys to my new car! I LOVE SAYING THAT!!!! I CAN DRIVE!!! YAY!!! I hopped in the car and drove to Leigh's place

Millie's POV

Mommy told me today Ariana and her boyfriend are taking me out! I was sooo excited! Mommy wanted to help me with an outfit but I told her NO! I wanted to surprise her! I put on my leopard print sweater with pink pants. I put on my little toms and a flower head band.


"AUNTIE ARIANA!!!!" I yelled while hugging her

"Hi baby!" Auntie said "I'll bring her to my place to meet Marcy then bring her home after dinner Kay?" Auntie told mommy "Yep!" Mommy said. Soon Jasmine came running to Auntie.

"Say Bye to Millie!" Mommy said to Jasmine

"Bye Mwillie" Jasmine said

"Byeeeeeeeeeee Jazzie!" I said while kissing her. "Bye Mommy" I said while running out to Aunties car. Auntie buckled me up and we were on our way for breakfast! Auntie told my new Uncle we should go to Mum's restaurant.Auntie picked me up and carried me inside just in case.

"Hi Millie I'm Luke!" Uncle Luke said

"Auntie?" I asked

"Yes baby?" She questioned

"Do I call him Uncle?"

"Up to you" She smiled

"Okay Uncle Luke" I giggled. Once we got our table Uncle Luke gave me chocolate milk. Soon the waitress asked for our orders and I got PANCAKES YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke's POV

Millie is the cutest thing ever! She kept hugging me and kissing me.After we were done eating we took Millie to a little dance class. Watching Ariana dancing with Millie was super cute! Mille came running up to me with Ariana and we all danced. After the dance we went to the wax hands place. I got Ariana's and my hand together and Millie got her and Ariana's hand. I got a blue and Ariana got pink.Millie got lime green so did Ariana just to make her happy!

Millie's POV

"Auntie?" I asked

"Yes?" She replied

"I like Uncle Luke"

"AWWWWWH" Auntie Ariana yelled. I ran over to Luke and hugged him. After a lot of walking I got sleepy so Auntie Ariana took me to meet Marcy.

Perrie's POV

Millie was coming over to meet 1 week old Marcy.

"AUNTIE PERRIE?" Millie yelled

"I'm here" I smiled and bent down hugging her. Zayn walked over with Marcy and handed her to Ariana so he could hug Millie.

"UNCLE ZAYN!!!!!" She yelled hugging him. He picked her up and spun her around. Wow she is an amazingly happy girl even though she was in Ghana suffering! It seems like she forgot all the pain!

"Wanna hold Marcy?" I asked

"Yes please" She smiled

"Okay go to the couch!" I said. Ariana put Marcy in Millie's arms.

"Auntie Ariana I want you and Luke to have a baby!" I smiled at Millie and looked at Luke and Ariana. They both smiled and looked down at her stomach while holding it. Was she Pregnant or was she thinking about it? Millie kissed Marcy's head and handed her back to me.

"She's pretty just like you!" She said while poking my nose. I smiled.

"Okay Millie Mommy wants you home!" Ariana called

"Okay!" She skipped to the door and put her toms on.

"I'll drive her you watch Marcy while Zayn and I go" I smiled

"Okay" Ariana said. Millie hugged Luke and Ariana goodbye and skipped out the door. I hopped in the car and we drove off.


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