Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


79. meet and greet with Ava

Ariana's POV

We just finished our concert and on our way to go to the meet and greet! The fans are super happy they get to see Ava!!!!

"HI Ava!" One fan yelled " You look just like your Mommy!"

"Awe thank you " I smiled and took a picture with her.

"Hi Ava I brought you a Teddy Bear!" This fan said

"Awe Thanks! You didn't have to!" I said

"OF COURSE I DID ONLY FOR My IDOL!!!!!!" The fan yelled

"Want a picture?" I asked

"Yes!" I held up Ava and we all smiled. Soon Ava got hungry so I had to go feed her. Some fans got mad some understood. I soon came back with a sleeping Ava. It was 9:00PM So we decided to go home. Once we got home I put Ava to bed and I passed out on the ground just.


"Oh Ava baby what's wrong?" I said picking her up. I started to feed her then Luke came in.

"How's my little fussy baby?" He asked

"She's really hungry!" I said in shock

"Yeah" I looked down at my baby and smiled.

"I'm proud of you!" Luke said kissing me

"I'm proud of you too boo!" I winked

"Let me put her back to bed!" Luke smiled as I walked out the door.

~In the morning~

"Morningggggg" I said smiling

"Why so happy?" Perrie asked

"Well Ava is sleeping and so is Luke so I can relax!" I smiled

"I think I hear her calling for you" Perrie winked. I got up and groaned. I walked upstairs and picked her up.

"You kept mommy up all night!" I said in a baby voice. I changed her diaper and put her in a little one piece that looks like a little kitten. I put on her little hat and carried her downstairs.

"Look there's Auntie Ariana!" Leigh said to Millie

"Hi Millie!" I said

"Hi auntie!" She yelled

"Look Ava its Auntie Millie" I smiled

"Hi Ava!" Millie smiled. I quickly fed Ava and ate food.

"Perrie can you watch Ava while I shower?" I asked

"Sure!" She said grabbing Ava. I ran upstairs and showered. I put on my 'Proud Mommy sweater with pink skinny pants and uggs.

"Hi baby!" Luke said kissing me

"Hi" I replied

"How's my Mommy?"

"Sleepy Ava kept me up all night!" I yawned

"HAHA!!!" Luke laughed. I just rolled my eyes and walked downstairs. I picked up Ava and flopped on the couch... It's hard being a Mom!

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