Perrie's little sister

This story is about Ariana and her older sister Perrie Edwards! Yes Perrie from Little mix!


22. Flashback

Ariana's POV

When I was dreaming I had a dream of when My parents died..


"Daddy push me higher so I can grab a star for us" I giggled

"Ok Ariana" My dad pushed me high and I giggled


"Wow Ariel (My moms nickname for me)" My mom said

"Time to go home!" my Dad said as a black van pulled up.My Dad held my hand and ran with me and my Mom and Perrie ahead! I got stuck in a pot hole and I started to cry as my family didn't notice me. My Dad ran back towards me as he heard a BANG!!!! He took the bullet for me. I started to cry. Perrie helped me out of the pot hole and I ran over to my dads body and hugged it.

"Ariel c'mon lets go" My mom yelled I sttod up and ran towards her.

"Mommy Is Daddy in heaven?" I asked

"Yes sweets" My mom replied as i cried even more

*Few years later*

"Ariana you little jerk get down here" My Mother yelled I walked downstairs to get my beating... My Mom Picked me up and slapped me! Then she took my shirt off and burned me with the oven outlet! Then she dropped me and kicked me. My Mother would never beat Perrie because Perrie was a Mommy's girl but one day Perrie said she wasn't a momy's girl and the she got beaten. SO we moved with Zayn into a Giant house but my mom still haunted me...

                                      *End of Dream*

I woke up sweaty with a worried Perrie and Zayn.

"Babe what happened?" Perrie asked

"I had a nightmare about Mommy and Daddy!" I cried into Perrie's chest

"Aww it's ok baby" SHe cooed as she stroked my hair.

"You have us now!" Zayn butted in. I smiled about my family! I love them and I love Perrie the most!

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